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Title: Aurelius Eco Patch notes/Feature notes
Post by: moneynewxbl on March 24, 2021, 11:41:44 AM
-Added Nightmare zone, visit Dominic Onion right outside Yanille to begin.
-Removed all ways of obtaining Overload's in the game, except through Nightmare zone.
-If you have any overloads, they will not work unless you are in Nightmare zone.
-Added a Nightmare Zone rewards chest, offers a wide selection of items to purchase, including imbued items.
-Removed the Deadman Chest from Eco, as a similar update will be applied in DMM with more events.
-Added Tele to task quick options, or tele to npc quick option if that is your slayer master.
-Access the quick tele slayer teleports by asking a slayer master where is my task.
-Added duo-slayer; you may not have a normal task and duo-task at the same time.
-During duo-slayer, you will earn increased slayer xp, and points.
-To activate duo-slayer, use an enchanted gem on another player.
-During a duo-slayer task, it will be cancelled for that player if they logout.
-Furthermore, improved the Slayer gem options. All of the Slayer gem options work.
-Slightly improved NPC size system, to prevent player and NPC overlap during combat.
-You may experience some weird npc movement in some situations, I will establish a fix.
-Fixed instanced donator caves. Also changed the Rev cave teleport coordinates.
-Just a note, these instanced donator caves do come with a risk. You may not recover items in them.
-Improved Vote rewards and added more to the Vote store.
-Changed some vote store prices, earn rewards in a single vote! High-tier items = need more votes.