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Title: Patch 06/28
Post by: moneynewxbl on June 28, 2021, 06:16:07 PM
+Loyalty point changes
-Added kill count tally for 15k kills, 50k kills, 100k kills, per npc.
-Reverted Loyalty point yield for reaching certain killcounts per npc.

-If you have not prestiged, you will not be able to complete Relic tasks.
-Relics you have selected should now correctly reset based on the circumstance.
-If you still have a problem with your relics, an admin can correct it for you.
-The 'Craftsmanship' relic should now effectively be profitable.

-Improved the Skill key chest loot.
-The Infernal pickaxe should no longer prevent a player from smelting.
-The Cooking xp rates should now be as follows: "Aurelius XP rate * Normal OSRS rate"

+The Lottery
-The Lottery event has been removed.
-A tlc for events will come with the Rune Royale minigame release.
-A new lottery interface will be implemented with that update.
-The lottery will function differently with that update.

-Food may now be cooked on all tiered fires, and not just regular fires.

+Grotesque Guardians
-The Brittle key drop rate is now 1/75 instead of 1/150.

-Tomes are now less expensive than Pink skilling lamps.
-The Bounty Hunter store should no longer display items for 2147m Bounties.
-Moved the Clue Master next to the dwarf at home.

+Trading post
-You can now set a custom amount for your items.
-Keep in mind, the Trading post may not be available much longer, we're looking at the Grand exchange instead.

+Other fixes or suggestions
-The Royal seed pod will now teleport you infront of the bank at home.