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Upcoming Updates / RuneRoyale Minigame
« on: June 23, 2021, 12:20:13 PM »
Quick rundown of a new minigame coming! RuneRoyale is a battle-royale (Fortnite, PUBG, etc.) style minigame where you and X amount of other players spawn into a world where you start with minimal items. You can obtain more items by gathering resources, selling resources, looting randomly spawned chests, killing NPCs and other players, and trading bottle-caps with Scavenger Shops. With the exception of spawn and Scavenger Shop areas, the entire map is a hostile environment.

I. Starting RuneRoyale

To begin RuneRoyal players will teleport to the lobby area. The lobby area features a shop NPC to spend RuneRoyale Tokens at, for rewards. NPCs that explain what RuneRoyale is, a small bank area, a map table which shows the minimap view of RuneRoyale maps, and a portal for joining the waiting lobby. Players cannot wear items into RuneRoyal. A minimum of 2 players is required to start a RuneRoyale match.

After waiting for the countdown timer, players are teleported to a suitable map for the number of players that are playing. Once teleported, there's a safe timer on all players for 15 seconds, where players cannot be attacked.

Players spawn with the following gear:
  • Full Bronze Armor
  • Bronze Tools
  • Small Fishing Net
  • Bronze Scimitar
  • 5 Shrimp
  • Storage Container
At this point, your main objectives are:
  • Stay alive
  • Kill other players and NPCs.
  • Obtain resources to sell to Scavenger Shops.
  • Upgrade gear and tools.
  • Loot chests around the map.
  • Be the last person standing
II. Obtaining Resources

There are several ways to obtain resources and bottlecaps:
  • Raw Resources: Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing
  • Killing NPCs which drop PvP/PvM gear, raw resources, and bottlecaps.
  • Killing other players. You'll receive their items + bottlecaps.
  • Looting chests- The spawns are the same, but there isn't guaranteed to be loot in them.
III. Upgrading Gear and Tools

Upgrading Gear - You can get better gear by A) receiving it as loot from players or NPCs, or B) purchasing it from Scavenger Shops using bottlecaps.
Upgrading Tools - Higher level tools are required to get higher-level resources. Tools are automatically upgraded just by using them.

Below is an example of the upgrading chart for Woodcutting:

In this example, you'll need to chop 5 trees to be upgraded to an iron hatchet.
And chop 10 Oak trees to be upgraded to a mithril hatchet.

IV. Maps

There's a total of 3 different maps, based on how many players are playing the game. Small (2 to 5 players), Medium (6 to 9 players) and Large (10+ players)

An example of a medium-sized map:

  • Each map has a central spawn area which is a safe zone.
  • Red areas of the map have higher chances of spawning harder/more hostile NPCs.
  • Scavenger shops are marked by a sword icon on the minimap.
  • Prayer restore is marked by an altar icon on the minimap.
  • Areas with a light blue/green hue are safe areas.
  • Resources spawn randomly throughout the map, mining, woodcutting, and fishing symbols are where you'll find higher-level resources.
  • Giftbox minimap icons show that there's a chest in that area.

V. Rewards

After each game of RuneRoyale you play, you'll be given points based on your performance. The highest amount of points comes from being the last player standing. Large portion of points are awarded for killing other players. You're also given points for looting chests, killing NPCs, obtaining resources, and upgrading gear.[/br][/br]

Points can be exchanged in the RuneRoyale lobby for awesome rewards such as gear, barrows, mystery boxes, XP lamps, and RuneRoyale exclusive cosmetics.

VI. Other Important Notes
  • Players cannot bank, however they have a Storage Container which can hold a maximum of 10 items.
  • Every 2 minutes new NPCs spawn, these NPCs get progressively harder.
  • Every 2 minutes chests respawn, the loot in these chests gets better as the game progresses.
  • Skills and level requirements are ignored for this game mode. A level 3 with no stats will have the same ability as a maxed account.
  • The only obtainable fish are: Shrimp, Swordfish, Lobster, Sharks, and Manta Ray.
  • Gem Rocks throughout the map give random gems which can be sold to Scavenger Shops.
  • Prayer can only be restored every 90 seconds.
  • All NPCs are hostile within a certain distance.
  • You don't get to keep any items obtained in RuneRoyale, you're only given RuneRoyale Tokens as a reward.
VII. More Screenshots

The RuneRoyal Lobby

The RuneRoyal Game Waiting Room

Medium-Sized Map Spawn

A Hidden Chest on a Medium-Sized Map

A Scavenger Shop and Prayer Restoration Area

General Views of a Medium-Sized Map

Server Guides / Rifts: Totems, Keys, Maps, Waves, and Chest Loots
« on: February 08, 2021, 01:06:23 PM »

Server Guides / Loyalty: Points, Keys, Chest Loot, and Shops
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Server Guides / Boss: Keys, and Chest Loot
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Server Guides / Skilling: Points, Keys, Chest Loot, and Shops
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Community Input / Content From Pandemic
« on: January 18, 2021, 09:03:06 AM »
- Now when Firemaking, you may randomly receive some coins.
- Added multi colored fires while firemaking.
- The skill key chest/crystal key chest's, drop tables have been revised and updated.
- Added Skilling tomes, skilling tomes are fully functionable-and grant you a hefty amount of XP for reading.
- Announcements system is now more interactive, and you will get more notifications.
- Added five new Pets, Baby Black Dragon, Giant Crab, Gecko, Monkey, Raccoon pet!
- Monkey pet increases your drop rate while on a Slayer task!
- Gecko pet allows you a small chance at an Uncut onyx while mining; also increases your chance at Dragonstone!
- Giant Crab pet allows you to fish with no equipment, allowing for +1 fish collecting per inventory.
- Raccoon pet allows you to never fail again while pickpocketing.
- There is announcements for receiving any skilling pets.
- Added Dragon pickaxe, it is dropped by the King Black Dragon.
- Made custom Mystery Box drop table.
- Fully implemented Dragon Claws, with correct animations and gfx!
- Pirate Pete will guide you at the Falador Market, travel just south of him and place your items in a Drop Party chest, when there is 20 items in the chest, a server announcement will happen and balloons containing the items will be randomly selected and dropped until all items are out.
- Use the Chest teleport and enter in the Pandemic lottery using the Dice next to the chests.
- Added Baby Tangleroot pet, which cuts your farming wait time in half, which ultimately results in quicker farming xp. There is a 1 in 5000 chance of receiving the Tangleroot pet when doing any Farming activity. (e.g. Raking, harvesting, planting, etc.)

Pulled from Server Advertisement - Add functionality of ::toggle(skill) but will be a donor-only option.
Add functionality for boss pets, if not already there.
Add functionality for boss keys and boss rewards.

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