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Updates / Update 07/19! Introducing Battlepass and other QoL updates!
« on: July 17, 2021, 11:09:37 AM »
*New Features
-Public events like (Monster hunter, meteor spawning) now append on the screen instead of the chat.
-Added multiple new ways to earn Loyalty points (some announcements will append with a (+x amount LP)
-Added many various new items to the Loyalty point shop.
-Further improved the tutorial for newcomers, they have options to learn about core features.
-Added Guthix Rest, with slightly better buffs than OSRS.
-Added correct Dorgeshuun crossbow, and bone bolt methods.
-Improved poison handling versus NPC effects.
-Added 'Desert Treasure' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added 'One Small Favour' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added Apothecary's shop, but only when you complete One Small Favour.
-Added Battlepass, it is available in the Donator shop for $15
-Added increased server stability report, you will idle out in some circumstances for inactivity.

*Newcomer Improvements
-Further improved Teleport interface.
-The Beginner's key will now retain to the player's inventory, or bank account.
-New players (or those who have not prestiged) have the option to complete "Intro to Relics" to earn +1 free relic.

*Announcement improvements
-Edited announcements again (including discord announcements)
-Removed some announcements (they seemed very clunky and unnessecary at times)
-I will try to refrain from further editing these announcements, unless adding more
-99's and 200m marker announcements only appear for Realism modes.
-Additionally, removed the new player joining announcements.

*Shop changes and improvements
-Increased the shop price of Anglerfish.
-Added Dorgeshuun crossbow and bone bolts to the Ranged shop.
-Added some poisonous ammo supplies to the Ranged shop.
-Added more dinky stuff to the Fancy shop.
-Removed Bolts from the Ranged shop.
-Removed some stuff from the Consumables shop, added them to the Apothecary's shop.

*Other QoL or fixes.
-Increased the skill point bonus from Min: 500, Max: 1000, to Min: 2000, Max: 4000, respectively.
-Fixed a Hardcore Ironman death bug, that involved dying outside of Rune Royale.
-Re-fixed Godsword (or) variant bonuses to match that of OSRS.
-Respectively, you will need to Smith them/Fletch them/Obtain as a drop.
-More monster's now drop bolts.
-Corrected some level requirements for Spiky vambraces.
-Fixed "Double Cast" relic, it should now correctly work.
-and fixed some other things you all have reported!

Update 07/10

-Added Rune Royale (You must have the up-to-date client, Minigames > Rune Royale at the bottom)
-Added Beginner's Key, in hopes of attracting more new players. (You must have the up-to-date client)
-Fixed purchasing of Dark Bender, was colliding with Ultra Caskets
-Made public event announcements less clunky, and more appealing.
-Reduced the rate at which some public events happen, to prevent spamming of public events happening.
-Removed the announcement for resetting of npcs/minigames, yet it still resets.
-Fixed Mac's prestiging dialogue.
-Corrected Display XP Rate.
-When an item is force added to your bank, the text will stand out from the other text.
-Moved Clue master next to the Dwarf at home bank.
-Added Shop Catalog book, views all the shops.
-Added Shop Catalog book to the Donator store for 5 tokens.
-Re-did the training teleport tab to be more visible and direct for newcomers.
-Modified the Hourly Loyalty point algorithm.
-Players will also no longer receive Loyalty points if they are idle.
-There is no longer a public message for when a player donates.
-Removed the Well of Goodwill boost ending announcements.
-Added Pet Insurance, make sure you insure your pets with Probita.
-Removed the Vote announcement.
-Miscellania loot times will only append for variables after your first time.
-Corrected the Ornament godsword Prayer bonuses from 132 to 8.

Updates / Dev update 07/02 (Roadmap included as well)
« on: July 02, 2021, 05:47:00 PM »
Today I added a couple small new things, and fixed some stuff you guys have alerted us about. Thanks for the patience, we have more goods to come.

-Fixed Tree spot in Donator zone.
-Fixed a bug that disallowed those prestiging past prestige 2, to not receive correct task locations.
-Added Regular Chinchompas to the Ranged store.
-Added "Last Longer" relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-The text and function has been revised for Last Longer.
-Last Longer adds an extra +5 to boosted stats, thus lasting longer.
-Added "Bosses Boss" relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-The text and function has been revised for Bosses Boss.
-If you have Bosses Boss equipped, most Hitmarks append Cyan instead of Red.
-Added improved Chinchompa and Multi barrage damage support.
-Added Smitherines relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-Added Echolocation relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-Fixed a bug that told the player they were "Moving too fast" when logging in.

The roadmap below has no specific order, I do know however - that our next major content update should contain the Battle Pass/ and Rune Royale minigame. I will get done what I can. Please continue to report your bugs and suggestions. Thank you to all!

- Improving the quest lines, and improving what you love about them.
- Adding more quests, including Desert Treasure, Dragon Slayer, etc. If you have ideas, shoot them in suggestions.
- Group Ironmen should be able to share a bank account between their group.
- Battle Pass system and mechanics/rewards.
- Rune Royale Minigame.
- Pet insurance, and fully functioning Probita.
- Slowly but surely working on a Deadman Game mode that we had a small community for.

Updates / Patch 06/28
« on: June 28, 2021, 06:16:07 PM »
+Loyalty point changes
-Added kill count tally for 15k kills, 50k kills, 100k kills, per npc.
-Reverted Loyalty point yield for reaching certain killcounts per npc.

-If you have not prestiged, you will not be able to complete Relic tasks.
-Relics you have selected should now correctly reset based on the circumstance.
-If you still have a problem with your relics, an admin can correct it for you.
-The 'Craftsmanship' relic should now effectively be profitable.

-Improved the Skill key chest loot.
-The Infernal pickaxe should no longer prevent a player from smelting.
-The Cooking xp rates should now be as follows: "Aurelius XP rate * Normal OSRS rate"

+The Lottery
-The Lottery event has been removed.
-A tlc for events will come with the Rune Royale minigame release.
-A new lottery interface will be implemented with that update.
-The lottery will function differently with that update.

-Food may now be cooked on all tiered fires, and not just regular fires.

+Grotesque Guardians
-The Brittle key drop rate is now 1/75 instead of 1/150.

-Tomes are now less expensive than Pink skilling lamps.
-The Bounty Hunter store should no longer display items for 2147m Bounties.
-Moved the Clue Master next to the dwarf at home.

+Trading post
-You can now set a custom amount for your items.
-Keep in mind, the Trading post may not be available much longer, we're looking at the Grand exchange instead.

+Other fixes or suggestions
-The Royal seed pod will now teleport you infront of the bank at home.

Rules / Official Donator perk list.
« on: June 24, 2021, 01:48:17 PM »
Regular Donator ($10 minimum)
-Access to Donator zone ::dzone command or Donator shop npc.
-+1 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+1% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Regular donator key'
-+1 extra skill points when you gain skill points.

Super Donator ($30 minimum)
-Start with +2 God wars killcount
-+2 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+2% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Super donator key'
-Cool new fire object when firemaking
-+2 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Boss instancing.

Extreme Donator ($75 minimum)
-Start with +4 God wars killcount
-+4 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+3% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Extreme donator key'
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Super donator.
-+3 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Revenant, Skeletal Wyvern, or Karuulm dungeon cave instancing, every 20 minutes.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Epic Donator ($150 minimum)
-Start with +6 God wars killcount
-+6 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-Double points upon a completion of Pest Control.
-+4% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Epic donator key'
-New fire object when firemaking different from Extreme and Super donators.
-+1 extra item when thieving from stalls.
-+4 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Epic donator zone, with ::epdz command, or Donator shop npc.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Legendary Donator ($300 minimum)
-Start with +10 God wars killcount
-+8 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+5% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Legendary donator key'
-Your own personal island, with an increase +75% xp boost, made personally by the dev's.
-::island command to access your island, or Donator shop npc > My custom island option.
-Double Marks of Grace when doing Rooftop Agility courses.
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Epic donator.
-+1 Extra relic spot (4 relics equipped at a time)
-+5 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Faithful Donator ($750 minimum)
-Start with +10 God wars killcount
-+10 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+6% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Faithful donator key'
-A rare drop table roll every x hours via the Donator NPC.
-Access to the ::AFK command, go idle in a big chair for everyone to see.
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Epic donator.
-+1 Extra relic spot (4 relics equipped at a time)
-+6 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Superior golden chef items
These golden chef items will give you increased xp while cooking. Essentially making your road to 99 cooking on every prestige, that much quicker.

Crystal Saw
Allows you to build construction objects that are 3 levels higher than your current level. (The requirement to build construction objects is three less.)

Bottomless Compost Bucket
You can use this bucket forever, and never need any compost again occupying your inventory while farming.

Cooking Gauntlets
You'll never burn any food again, as long as you have these gloves equip while cooking.

Fancy Tiara
Increases your xp gain while Runecrafting, great for getting a quick 99 in Runecrafting!

Bonecrusher Necklace
Automatically bury bones when they are dropped.

Blacksmith's helmet
Very slim chance to not consume bars while smithing. Also acts a permanent ring of forging. Also, increases your cannonball yield when making cannonballs.

Magic secateurs
Gives you increased xp gain while Farming, as well as increased crop yield while farming, which is great for a power level through farming!

Well it's been a week into the re-launch. I'd say the server has made a major improvement after all the work we have put in. Today I bring us a nice content update, with additions to the Pet system. Including new Slayer pet functioning. You can find Probita in the home bank near the slayer master's. Upon right-clicking her with a pet out, she will tell you your pets function. I will also continue to pump out your suggestions and fixes that may still occur. Please give me some 'lax room, as I simply do not have time to frequently post all of the patch notes/fixes/improvements that are being made. Just know, I've got my eyes on all of your feeds, and everytime... I jot them down on a small list so I can make these updates. Please enjoy. Some pets do not have functions yet-but I am open to suggestions, if I have missed placement of a pet to the function list-that does have a function, please let me know that so I can add it. Here are some new functions for the Slayer pets.

Crawling hand
- Even if you are not on a Slayer task, this pet will allow the Crushing Hand superior counterpart to occasionally spawn-even if you are not on a Crawling hand task.

Swamp bug
- When the Swamp bug is your active pet, all slayer monster requirements are minus two. So you may kill an Abyssal demon at 83, instead of 85 slayer. - and so forth.

Cave crawler
- Gives you an even further increased chance at receiving a Skill key from your task monster.

- Bypass the Earmuffs head gear requirement, allowing you to occupy that slot for better use.

Cave slime
- With this pet active, there is a 1 in 700 chance of making your task amount jump straight to 1 kill left. That 1 in 700 is rolled after every slayer monster you kill on your task. Say I have 66 Skeletal wyverns as my Slayer task, and I kill one. Instead of it jumping to 65 Skeletal wyverns, it would jump to 1 Skeletal wyvern left. You will be granted xp for 1 kill however.

Rock slug
- The Rock slug pet is essentially a portable Rock hammer, saying you an inventory slot while on a Gargoyle task, or facing the Grotesque guardians at the Slayer rooftop.

- Now when you teleport to Godwars, your Armadyl killcount will automatically fill. Which means you skip the grind of obtaining the kill count to fight Kree'arra. Everytime!

- Though the chance of receiving this one is extremely slim. He will provide you with unlimited elemental runes. So he has many uses. Elemental runes - Air, water, earth, and fire. Making him extremely versatile.

- Whenever you acquire a new task- Instead of receiving the normal task amount, you receive half of that amount. Say without this pet active, I would have received x60 Skeletal wyvern's as my task. Now instead, I will receive x30 Skeletal wyvern's as my task-assuming this pet is my active pet.

Infernal Mage
- Now this is the rarest of all Slayer pets currently. The Infernal mage pet acts as a permanent protect from magic, so get this-You may now have two active protection prayers at the same time. Just good luck obtaining this one. (Note, this pet works exactly how the protect from magic would work, some monsters you cannot pray against.)

- Now, whenever you receive Blood runes as a drop, you receive twice the amount. Say I was killing a Giant mole, and the drop was 100 Blood runes, that drop would be increased to 200 Blood runes. Which would make this a great pet to have if you're on an Ironman!

- The Jelly is pretty much a half-assed portable bank. Without the withdrawing from the bank part. While you have this pet active, you can use items on him to transfer them directly to your bank.

- This pet will give you extra defence against your slayer task monsters. Essentially making their max hit lower in certain instances. Which will be a great addition for boss slayer assignments.

Cave Horror
- Acts as a permanent Witchwood icon, so you can occupy your neck slot with better equipment. Furthermore, it increases your chance of hitting the mega rare drop table at Cave horror's.

Aberrant Spectre
- This one is also quite rare to obtain. Now, if you have this pet active-You may skip one level requirement while prestiging. You may want that to be Construction, Hunter, Slayer, whichever you'd prefer.

Dust Devil
- Increases your damage against all demonic creatures, regardless of the weapon you're using. It's a walking Arclight! This will be wonderful against Skotizo and other demonics!

- The Kurask pet will decrease your Slayer point shop price in the Slayer store. Assuming he is your active pet.

- Further increases your chance of receiving a brittle key from 1 in 150, to half of that at 1 in 75. The Brittle key is used to face the Grotesque guardians on the Slayer rooftop. You must be on a Gargoyle slayer task to receive the Brittle key.

Dark Beast
- Increases your chance of hitting the Mega rare drop table while on a Slayer task, per your corresponding Slayer monster.

Abyssal Demon
- The Abyssal demon pet, increases your casket loot while on a Wilderness task. Additionally, the Abyssal demon pet will now further increase your chance of receiving a Mysterious emblem while on a Wilderness slayer task. The Abyssal demon pet will only work while on a Wilderness slayer task.

Updates / Aurelius DMM Update Reservation.
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:21:39 AM »

Updates / Aurelius Update Reservation.
« on: March 31, 2021, 09:21:23 AM »

Updates / Aurelius Eco Patch notes/Feature notes
« on: March 24, 2021, 11:41:44 AM »
-Added Nightmare zone, visit Dominic Onion right outside Yanille to begin.
-Removed all ways of obtaining Overload's in the game, except through Nightmare zone.
-If you have any overloads, they will not work unless you are in Nightmare zone.
-Added a Nightmare Zone rewards chest, offers a wide selection of items to purchase, including imbued items.
-Removed the Deadman Chest from Eco, as a similar update will be applied in DMM with more events.
-Added Tele to task quick options, or tele to npc quick option if that is your slayer master.
-Access the quick tele slayer teleports by asking a slayer master where is my task.
-Added duo-slayer; you may not have a normal task and duo-task at the same time.
-During duo-slayer, you will earn increased slayer xp, and points.
-To activate duo-slayer, use an enchanted gem on another player.
-During a duo-slayer task, it will be cancelled for that player if they logout.
-Furthermore, improved the Slayer gem options. All of the Slayer gem options work.
-Slightly improved NPC size system, to prevent player and NPC overlap during combat.
-You may experience some weird npc movement in some situations, I will establish a fix.
-Fixed instanced donator caves. Also changed the Rev cave teleport coordinates.
-Just a note, these instanced donator caves do come with a risk. You may not recover items in them.
-Improved Vote rewards and added more to the Vote store.
-Changed some vote store prices, earn rewards in a single vote! High-tier items = need more votes.

Updates / Aurelius DMM .065 Patch notes *UPDATED 3/30*
« on: March 24, 2021, 11:40:23 AM »
Aurelius DMM .065 Patch 3/26! *UPDATED 3/30*

-Moved Skill Cape Shop near the Cook.
-Removed any options to make planks at the saw mill.
-Removed Max Cape construction requirement.
-Added Culi Chest next to the portal in the altar room.
-Blood money is now dropped from Slayer task monsters.
-The formula for Blood money is a random integer of the NPC's max hit + 1.
-When on a Wilderness task, the forumla is the NPC's max hit x 2, then + 1.
-However when on a Wilderness task, you have a lesser chance of receiving Blood money.
-Caskets containing coins are now dropped from your Slayer task monsters.
-Added Crossbow strings to the Range Supplies shop.
-You may now access the Wilderness Dungeon, outside the Mage Bank.
-Fixed Chaos Altar in the Wilderness.
-Fixed a bug which made the DMM skull appear in a Safe zone, even though the player did not have a skull.
-Added Pyramid Plunder to Deadman Mode, via Sophanem teleport, makes great gp.
-Disallowed player's to obtain Bank keys through the same ip, mule prevention.
-The selection of items you receive with a Bank key has been modified.
-Players will also receive more items upon a Bank raid/will lose more items upon a Bank raid.
-There is now also a cash reward for looting with a Bank key.
-Additionally, you may open the Bank interface with the Bank key in your inventory, but not put the key in the Bank.
-Fixed PKP shop. You may not sell your items back to the PKP shop.
-Added Pyramid Plunder teleport in Minigames.
-DMM got the same Slayer updates that ECO got, minus Duo-slayer.
-For now, DMM will not receive Nightmare zone.
-Respectively, added Imbued rings to the Blood money shop.
-Fixed a bug which allowed Blood money to drop in a glitched spot during some boss fights.

Updates / Aurelius QOL Update 3/22/21!
« on: March 22, 2021, 03:25:56 PM »
Aurelius Patch 3/22!

-It only requires 38 farming to thieve from the Master farmer, not 60.
-Added Menaphite thugs to Sophanem teleport area.
-Added Pyramid plunder, which proves as the new Thieving meta, and can be highly profitable.
-Implemented an NPC which you may sell your Pyramid plunder goods to.
-Increased rewards from level 65+ Thieving npcs.
-Completely remove the rest of the diaries.
-Removed the Daily tasks. Willing to re-do them my way if people would like them.
-Respectively added skilling outfits to the Loyalty point shop instead.
-Adjusted Shop Handler/Buying and selling methods. Also added fancy new text to the shop titles.
-Removed the skill level up interfaces, as I have different plans for this section.
-Hopefully fixed a pesky logging in, then instantly logging out bug.

Next update?

Now with the release of the DMM BETA, I can mostly focus on more QoL and new content updates for the Economy Server! I hope you enjoy Pyramid plunder, and the rest of these QoL updates. My plans next will consist of improving the PvE scene, which would include buffs to the Slayer skill, including vast new rewards, and an enjoyable new experience. Please be patient with me as I have a lot going on. Report your bugs so I can get them fixed for the next patch! Thanks everyone for playing!

Updates / DMM Update BETA .05
« on: March 22, 2021, 03:07:19 PM »
Aurelius DMM Patch .05

-Player's sha'll no longer receive a penalty, or rotate targets if they're in a Safe zone.
-Disallowed the player to use a Bank key on the Bank booth.
-The player may not open the bank at all while holding a Bank key.
-Added announcements for the super rare drop table.
-Added announcements for obtaining a designated kill streak.
-Added announcements for when another player ends a kill streak.
-Added functionality for giving Nigel Blood money to purchase DMM Armour.
-Furthermore improved the drop rate algorithm.
-Prevented a bug that could possibly allow the player to walk while dying.
-Removed the "Challenge" option while in the Dueling arena.
-Added announcement when player reaches level 99 in a combat skill.
-Your skull timer will no longer drain if you are in an instance.
-Fixed a requesting updates bug which disallowed the player to lose a skull if they had a Bank key.

Next update?

I'd mostly like to focus on some more bug fixing, and touching up around the edges. Possibly add some sort of Starter kit for new players, however keep in mind... It is very simple to train, therefore because it is so simple- accumulating GP is very easy. I may offer some training weapons to use that disappear after your first 30 minutes. Also, I plan to add some more events that will bring the pker's together for increased rewards. Possibly may as well be building off of the Bounty hunter system. Thanks for playing! :)

Updates / Aurelius Update (3/7/2021)
« on: March 04, 2021, 12:23:41 PM »
~New Features
-Added 'Deadman Chest' Blizzard event.
-The Blizzard event always takes place in the Wilderness.
-When you participate in this event, you take constant damage.
-The risks are high for participating, but the rewards are very high.
-You are almost always guaranteed an Ultra Rare from looting this chest.
-This event runs every 4 hours, as the rewards are high for it.
-Added functions for most skilling pets, other will be implemented in the future.
-You may now begin hunting Herbiboar's on Fossil Island, with 80 Hunter.
-Added Battlestaff materials to the Crafting shop.
-Battlestaves will be a good source of GP.
-Battlestaves crafting will be a great source of Crafting xp.
-You can now receive the Ikkle Hydra pet from the Alchemical Hydra, 1/10000 chance.
-The Ikkle Hydra pet has the 'Metamorphosis' ability.

~New Player Experience
-Furthermore worked on the New player experience.
-Revamped the Starting tutorial, it's not as boring.
-Added spicy new gfx for new players relocating to a new area.
-Re-added a crisper new welcome message when a new player joins.
-Added some friendly screen fading messaging for the new player. :)
-New players now get a free 60 minute bonus experience timer.

~Herblore QoL update
-Added Herbi pet, 1 in 5000 chance.
-Herbi pet gives an xp buff while doing Herblore.
-Herbi pet also gives you lesser chance of not consuming an ingredient.
-Herbi pet non-consumption effect stacks with Herblore Cape/Max Cape.
-Added interface for right-clicking potions to make them.
-Making potions now yields a 3 dose, instead of a 4 dose right away.
-Respectively also added the Amulet of Chemistry, grants a 20% chance at an extra dose.
-The Amulet of Chemistry is dropped by the Deranged Archaeologist in the Fossil Island Swamp.
-Gave Decanter Bob a small bit of dialogue.
-Herbiboar's will be an excellent source of noted Herbs, especially for Iron men.
-To begin Harvesting a herbiboar, just inspect objects around Hunter icons at Fossil Island.
-There is a 1/2000 chance at receiving the Herbi pet while doing this activity.

~Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
-Decanter Bob in the bank should now effectively decant all of your potions.
-The Ranged requirements for Magic shortbow, and Magic Shortbow Imbued have been fixed.
-You should now effectively be able to Long-range with your bows.
-Improved Dwarf Cannon rotation speed.
-The Rune Knives requirement for all Rune Knives type should be fixed.
-You may left-click to attack in the Wilderness, and Safe PK zones.

Updates / Aurelius 1.0
« on: March 04, 2021, 11:42:13 AM »
New Features
- Added Wintertodt, will prove to be the new META for the Firemaking and Woodcutting skill.
- Wintertodt may be a great source of most resources for Iron men.
- Currently you can solo the Wintertodt, and the duration of the game is shorter. Until we establish a higher player base.
- Added Construction skill. You may speak with the Estate Agent slightly south of home bank to purchase a house.
- Most objects are functional in the Home, creating a Gilded Altar is META for Construction.
- Updated the Construction shop, and added Plank making all the way West of home.
- Added the Crystal Saw to the Donator shop, allows you to make things 3 levels higher than your Construction level.
- Added AFK 'Dad' Boss by the Sawmill all the West of home, which drops noted Dragon bones.
- Updated the Prestige shop with more resources, respectively amped the reward points for prestiging.
- Added Tree Farming.
- Added Bottomless Compost to Donator shop, allows you to never have to purchase Compost again.
- Added Fossil Island, with Deranged Arch deep in the Southwest Swamp area.
- Added Bird House Hunter training as new hunter META, via Fossil Island.
- Added Ancient Zygomites to Fossil Island, great source of seeds and herbs with 57 Slayer requirement, and fungicide.
- Completed the Donor features that are listed via the Donator Shop NPC, with yet more to come still.
- Donator's may now instance three different caves, with more to come.
- Epic Donator's may visit the Epic Donator zone, and gain further increased xp in that zone.
- The Faithful Donator's may take a Rare drop table roll every so often from the Donator Shop NPC.
- Updated Sicario's list of Donator features.

Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
- Fixed Raids 1, and buffed the rewards for Raids 1. You will need to go through the start room, then 5 randomized rooms. Then you may face The Great Olm for your loot.
- Fixed most object click distancing issues, still establishing some use item on object click distances yet.
- Fixed Yew Shortbow daily task.
- Disallowed players to queue another lobby via Pest Control to prevent a lobby bug. FYI, if an admin or mod teles you out, it will break the game because it doesn't physically remove that player from the Pest Control game.
- Removed brokenness from chopping Redwood trees, xp rate was way too high.
- Fixed some void teleporting 'Tele to task' via Max cape methods, you should no longer teleport to a void on a Slayer task using that function.
- Corrected Mage Arena lever upon defeating Kolodin.
- Fixed Boots of Stone Slayer point requirement in the Slayer shop.
- Removed the Crystal seed from the Slayer shop, as there is no use yet.
- and some other bug fixes, that you'll come across and realize it's been fixed... :)

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