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Updates / Aurelius .85 Update Notes + Content Update
« on: February 21, 2021, 10:39:22 AM »
New Features
-Added a Cash reward to the Master clue in addition to other rewards.
-Adjusted some Max cape features, added some options to the Max cape.
-You may enter the Max Guild when you Prestige once.
-Added more items to the Prestige shops, based on your Prestige level.
-Ring of Pursuit is double experience ring, and will receive a name change.
-Added Bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin and Armadyl Hard rifts.
-Fancy new announcement for all the individual rifts.
-Revamped loot for every rift.
-Fixed Miscellania loot, now you may loot it once every 6 hours of playtime.
-Removed Partyhats and other MEGA ULTRA rares from the Ultra Mystery box.
-Revised Ultra Mystery box, yet again.
-You may Purchase a house.
-Visit the Mysterious Old Man for some random loot, once every 4 hours.
-New Mystery Boxes.
-Donator keys are now tradeable.
-New secondary icons for prestiging.
-More prestiging rewards and revising.
-Added Soul rune crafting.
-Add cooked Karambwans to the Consumables shop.
-Removed Boss Heads from Slayer store.
-Herblore shop at Land's end now sells Herblore stuff.

Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
-::yell now matches your desired Donator tier.
-::yell Donor texts were changed to dark shades to prevent player blinding.
-::droprate based on Donator tiers has been corrected.
-The Statius' Full Helm stats have been corrected.
-Bank pin is only required when you first check your bank, or trade. No questions.
-Rev Aggro was perm removed, donator's with $300+ may instance it and receive the aggro.
-Only the small and large rune pouches were ever allowed in the game. Now they are the only ones obtainable as well.
-All max capes should now only effectively require a Prestige, you may not use the Max cape if you do not Prestige. No questions.
-The Notice Board poll booth has been disabled. The community has spoken.
-You may teleport above level 20 wilderness with the Max cape, assuming you are not teleblocked. No questions.
-The Ring of Life has been corrected. It will teleport you at 1/10th of your maximum hp. Assuming the NPC doesn't one hit you. No questions.
-Fixed Pest Control not counting towards your daily task completion.
-Removed Demonic Gorilla's from Earth rift, and changed some other rift things around.
-Fixed Yew Shortbow daily task.
-Tomes are no longer useable in the Donator zone.
-Removed Broken teleports.

The Next Update includes
-The Construction skill.
-More potions you can make in Herblore.
-Decanter NPC.
-New Fishing spots.
-Revised Skill pet features.
-New ways to train Agility.
-Tree and Flower patch farming.
-New items for the Farming skill.
-Improvements to Smithing.
-New mechanics for Firemaking.
-New ways to train Thieving.

Updates / Aurelius 0.65 Update Notes
« on: February 19, 2021, 08:07:42 PM »
-Ring of Pursuit gives double xp, and will receive an item name change.
-Aggro has been removed from all Revenant's.
-The Blood and Soul talismans are now useable on the Ultimate Altar in the dzone.
-You may not use any Lamps on Combat skills, you may use Lamps on Prayer skill.
-Added close interface for trying to use on a combat skill to prevent a bug.
-The Barrows brother drop rate is fine.
-Corrected a variable that disallowed for Skilling outfit xp gain in some scenarios.
-Fixed a bug that allowed you to use a single bone on ecto repeatedly.
-Fire Rift no longer gives Lava key, it gives Fire key.
-There is now different coloured chat messages for yell, depending on donation tier.
-The alternate version of the Granite Maul now has the special attack.
-Clue scrolls now check if you have enough free slots.
-Correct some daily task text.
-Law runes should now effectively count towards your task if in the Donator zone.
-Removed "Receiving extra xp for donator zone" text, but you still earn the xp.
-The trading post was temporarily disabled.
-A few more items have been added to the Ultra Mystery Box.

Updates / Aurelius 0.05 Update Notes
« on: February 18, 2021, 12:21:39 PM »
*Server updates.
-All Coal rocks are now mineable in the Mining guild.
-Fixed up weird object offsets and distances for some objects.
-Corrected some Donator zone Agility bugs.
-Added Lava and Ice rift.
-Added more shops/items to the Rift zone.
-Updated Donator shop.
-Updated Vote shop.
-Re-added Ultra M Box to Donator shop.
-Ultra M Box rewards have been temporarily increased to introduce specific rares into the game.
-Added max hit combat dummy right outside home bank.

*Client updates.
-Wine Island
-Fixes model for a single coin.
-Moves notice board
-Swaps voting booth options
-Adds scenery to Lava/Ice rifts
-Adds lit Gilded Altar to ::dzone
-Fixes Soul and Blood Talismans

Suggestions / Aurelius [v.05] - What do you want to see next?
« on: February 16, 2021, 01:35:05 PM »
The poll has been closed as the community has spoken. We have a clear winner, expect a massive update sometime in the near future.

Announcements / Aurelius Full Patch Notes
« on: February 13, 2021, 05:23:57 PM »

+ All Easy Tier rifts are now soloable (Air, Water, Fire, Earth)
+ Added more objects and terrain to the ::rift area
+ Fixed some other miscellaneous issues involving the Looting bag
(For clarification; the rule of the Looting Bag is that if you die with it in an instance, and it has items in it. You need to pay a vendor to replace those items. This is not a bug)
+ Changed Skill Key and Skill Chest algorithms
+ Updated the chance at receiving a Skill key from Skilling task
+ Updated Skill Key loot table to be more eco-friendly
+ You no longer need to click the Skill Key chest first to use keys
+ Verified skilling outfits give bonus XP etc
+ Updated all Mystery Box loot roll tables
+ Added correct timers for each individual Mystery box
+ Updated Crystal key chest loot tables to be more eco-friendly, and rewarding
+ Added a slight chance at getting announcements for bosses killed
+ Now sometimes when you get boss announcements, there is a slight chance at receiving Loyalty points too
+ Added Cook's assistant, the aim is for some of these quests to be short and sweet, and offer a small reward to the player (MORE COMING)
+ Donators may now start God wars based on their Donation tier
+ Donators get increased Slayer points when completing a task based on their tier
+ Added all Donator perks, except the ::title command, and some instancing works by Sicario's list. Upon Server release, I will implement the rest
+ Double Pest control loot for respective Donator tier
+ Double Mark of Grace collection for respective Donator tier
+ ::afk Command added for higher Donator tiers
+ Donators with higher tier's have more boss instance options
+ Implemented Vote booth in the Home bank, right click second option for Vote store. First click to open a browser page for voting
+ Set up base for Notice board (where you will be allowed to vote on polls for new content updates!)
+ Now, use your Armor sets that are packed on any bank booth to unpack them
+ Added Yak's to home training area for new players.
+ You may now use your Coins on the bank booth to convert them to Platinum tokens, and vice-versa.
+ Added Gambler in the bank to help produce Eco-control.
+ Added Dr. Harlow, stay safe please!

- Removed null items from Ultra Mystery Boxes.
- Removed Pet Mystery Box from meteorite dust shop

~ Optimized Skill Keys and Skill key chest for best performance
~ Optimized Rifts Handler for best performance
~ Corrected some request bugs
~ Correct a Console server error involving the Looting bag
~ Optimized Crystal key chest for best server performance
~ No more bugs when opening any Mystery box
~ Configured Crystal key chest algorithms
~ Cerberus' ghosts will no longer destroy you, if you kill Cerberus before they spawn, the instance will end and the ghosts will not attack
~ You may only access Cerberus with a Cerberus task, not Hellhound task
~ Vorkath now attacks properly
~ All Vorkath bugs have been fixed, including the pesky endless NPC animation bug
~ Optimized Vorkath for best server performance
~ Optimized Zulrah for best server performance
~ Further increased timers for all announcements
~ Optimized Server announcements for best server performance
~ All game modes have been carefully revised by me
~ The ::droprate command has been fixed
~ Adjusted Starter pack for full server release
~ Re-adjusted Server XP rates for full server release
~ Did a rough sweep of the Server eco to balance things for full server release
~ All daily tasks work, and any bugs with them have been addressed and fixed
~ Optimized daily tasks for full server release
~ Elemental shield now works against Wyvern breath
~ Bosses who drop instanced loot in a specific x and a specific y coordinate will no longer drop things like caskets, or donor keys in a glitched spot
~ Wilderness Agility course now grants xp during all obstacles
~ Ectofuntus no longer requires you to logout to to continue using your bones on it
~ Autocasting should now effectively stop upon your player's death in all instances
~ Autocasting 'cancel' option now works for normal magic
~ Made the flax obtainable at home behind bank

+ Iron men should have full access to their respective shop, if you cannot buy an item. That's just what it is.
~ If you cannot access a shop, that's just what it is.
+ Iron man do get their correct drop rates and kill counts.
+ Iron man game modes are more difficult than other game modes.

Letter From Me, to you: I will continue to do my best to improve the server on a day to day basis. I have been grinding for the past week straight to make the server the best it can possibly be for the full release. I wish us all a successful server launch, on a brilliant road to repairing a broken server. #Money.

Announcements / A friendly reminder about Bug abuse.
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:26:25 AM »
I'm not a stiffler, I'm a chill person. But we can't have bug abuse happening any longer. I work hard to fix bugs and exploits and I need your help as a community to help me do a better job. I will do my best to fufill all requests and continue to make improvements, and bring you fresh new content that you will enjoy. Upon a full release we need to be bulletproof, you as our BETA players will be our most valuable members for time to come. Please help us improve the server more. No more bug abuse, if it were a full release that may have resulted in a ban. Thanks everyone for contributing to the server and making it a better place.

~Dylan (Founder/owner)

Updates / Aurelius BETA 3.0
« on: February 10, 2021, 05:04:30 AM »
Continuing to push towards a full release, today we bring our community a handful of improvements and new content. Continuing to take steps in the right direction. Continue reading for a list of changes.

Server Update 2.0 2/9/21

Server Updates

+ Public release of rifts, beginning with four rifts. Air through Fire. Speak with the Goblin at home.
- Four easy tier rifts have been released into the game, make sure you suit up with potions, food~ and a strong team.
- Earn respective rift keys upon completion of a rift, and loot the Rift key chest for insane loot.
- Begin a rift if you have the respective totem, right-click to invite others to your session if they are near you.
- There is an announcement when a team has completed the rift.

+ Prestige system, along with adjusted experience rates. Speak with Mac in the center of home.
- Players may not accumulate prestige points.
- There is a sexy new announcement for when a player prestiges.
- Prestiging has very specific rewards, Mac can tell you more.
- Upon prestiging you get a 'head start' towards your next prestige tier.
- Prestige tiers have access to prestige exclusive items via Mac's shop.
- Implemented Prestige Mystery Box, exclusive to players who prestige.

+ Boss instancing
- If you prefer to be alone while bossing, you have options to instance 4 bosses.
- Speak with the Donator npc to instance a boss fight.
- If you lose items in the boss arena during your instance, speak with Torrell. He can replace them for a fee.
- Only players who have donated $30 + USD may instance a boss fight.

+ Loyalty system changes
- There are many new ways to accumulate Loyalty points.
- Implemented Loyalty Mystery Box.
- There is a respective Loyalty point shop for you to spend your points at.

+ Pet changes
- The Prince black dragon now gives an increased drop rate bonus.
- Pets are more difficult to obtain.

+ Donator features
- Donators may use a single altar to runecraft all runes with the correct talisman.
- There is an npc who sells talismans for donator's.
- Implemented the Wilderness agility course in the Donator zone.
- Gave more life to the Donator zone, and some other changes.

+ Simple ~::commands command for command info, and command changes.
- Anybody who has donated has access to the Donator zone, but players who have donated $30 + USD have the ::dzone command.
- Players who have donated $30+ USD have the ::rifts command.
Only anybody who has donated, or is staff~Has the ::yell command.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that didn't allow the player to mine with a Dragon Pickaxe (OR).
- Fixed the message appearing ~ "You have been stunned" upon logging in.
- Fixed some rare drop loot table bugs, involving the roll chance.
- Fixed major exploit for accumulating bulk amount of rewards for fishing Karambwan fish.
- Fixed some item degrading/depletion bugs, such as Amulet of the damned, and more.
- Fixed many other bugs based on community input.

Improvements or Enhancements
- Improved rare drop table roll loot notifications.
- Improved boss slaying announcements system.
- Adjusted bone depletion rate at Ectofuntus.
- Mithril, adamanite, and runite all require one piece of coal to smelt.
- You are not permitted to use ore on the furnace to smelt, just click it.
- Bracelets may now only be crafted at the Pottery oven.
- Revised all Iron man modes, they have access to the respective shops and items they can buy.
- Made some other iron man mode changes.
- Removed item toggling.

Updates / Aurelius BETA 1.0
« on: January 30, 2021, 02:50:00 PM »
Aurelius 1.0.5

* Server Updates:

- Implemented more features to the Skilling system, added Skill points, with a corresponding shop to spend your skill points.

- Added Skill keys, receive 5 skill keys through skilling. Use them all on a chest to receive some skilling rewards!

- Added the ability to toggle item collection with certain skills, Mining, Fishing, Thieving, Woodcutting.

- You may earn toggle time through leveling certain skills, or purchasing it for a small fee. Type ::toggles for info.

- Implemented Boss Key/Donator Key system, normal npcs have a very small chance of dropping. Boss npc's have a much more significant chance of dropping. The better tier of key-the better your reward may be.

- Added Meteor event, every 30 min one will spawn at a random location in the server. Collect the dust and visit the Alien monument at home to spend it.

- Removed random events while skilling to cope with new skilling mechanics.

- Added base for Loyalty points, added a Loyalty point chest you may loot every six hours of playtime-for rewards and loyalty points.

- Added snazzy new Public announcements system, for clearer messaging/also reduces server lag.

- The new announcements system also includes Rare Loot Table roll announcements, and announcements for killing the boss.

- Added Ectofuntus teleport, with function Ectofuntus, use your bones on it to receive increased Prayer XP gain.

* Server improvements:

- Established much better Farming skill base, conveniently teleporting around to grow different herbs.

- Added new Mechanics to the Master Farmer, he can be found in various locations. Mainly by Farming patches.

- Edited the Farming Patches teleport via the Teleport tab.

- Improved Herblore base, and Herblore mechanics.

- Improved loot tables for Crystal key chest, Mystery boxes, and much more.

- Adjusted most xp rates.

* Server Fixes:

- Fixed some player variable loading bugs in the PlayerSave file.

- Fixed some pet following issues/stances.

- Removed depletion of certain resources (Trees, Ore, etc.) to cope with improved skilling mechanics.

- Improved some after teleport phasing out methods.

* What's next?:

-Focusing on the Donor system, and implementing new features and mechanics.

-Focusing on the Prestige system, and implementing new features and mechanics.

-Focusing on the Loyalty system, and implementing new features and mechanics.

-Revising Boss loot tables, and balancing the economy better.

-Continuing to make improvements to all of the skills.

-More additions to some skills, allowing for more content within them.


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