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Aurelius 1.0
« on: March 04, 2021, 11:42:13 AM »
New Features
- Added Wintertodt, will prove to be the new META for the Firemaking and Woodcutting skill.
- Wintertodt may be a great source of most resources for Iron men.
- Currently you can solo the Wintertodt, and the duration of the game is shorter. Until we establish a higher player base.
- Added Construction skill. You may speak with the Estate Agent slightly south of home bank to purchase a house.
- Most objects are functional in the Home, creating a Gilded Altar is META for Construction.
- Updated the Construction shop, and added Plank making all the way West of home.
- Added the Crystal Saw to the Donator shop, allows you to make things 3 levels higher than your Construction level.
- Added AFK 'Dad' Boss by the Sawmill all the West of home, which drops noted Dragon bones.
- Updated the Prestige shop with more resources, respectively amped the reward points for prestiging.
- Added Tree Farming.
- Added Bottomless Compost to Donator shop, allows you to never have to purchase Compost again.
- Added Fossil Island, with Deranged Arch deep in the Southwest Swamp area.
- Added Bird House Hunter training as new hunter META, via Fossil Island.
- Added Ancient Zygomites to Fossil Island, great source of seeds and herbs with 57 Slayer requirement, and fungicide.
- Completed the Donor features that are listed via the Donator Shop NPC, with yet more to come still.
- Donator's may now instance three different caves, with more to come.
- Epic Donator's may visit the Epic Donator zone, and gain further increased xp in that zone.
- The Faithful Donator's may take a Rare drop table roll every so often from the Donator Shop NPC.
- Updated Sicario's list of Donator features.

Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
- Fixed Raids 1, and buffed the rewards for Raids 1. You will need to go through the start room, then 5 randomized rooms. Then you may face The Great Olm for your loot.
- Fixed most object click distancing issues, still establishing some use item on object click distances yet.
- Fixed Yew Shortbow daily task.
- Disallowed players to queue another lobby via Pest Control to prevent a lobby bug. FYI, if an admin or mod teles you out, it will break the game because it doesn't physically remove that player from the Pest Control game.
- Removed brokenness from chopping Redwood trees, xp rate was way too high.
- Fixed some void teleporting 'Tele to task' via Max cape methods, you should no longer teleport to a void on a Slayer task using that function.
- Corrected Mage Arena lever upon defeating Kolodin.
- Fixed Boots of Stone Slayer point requirement in the Slayer shop.
- Removed the Crystal seed from the Slayer shop, as there is no use yet.
- and some other bug fixes, that you'll come across and realize it's been fixed... :)
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