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Aurelius Update (3/7/2021)
« on: March 04, 2021, 12:23:41 PM »
~New Features
-Added 'Deadman Chest' Blizzard event.
-The Blizzard event always takes place in the Wilderness.
-When you participate in this event, you take constant damage.
-The risks are high for participating, but the rewards are very high.
-You are almost always guaranteed an Ultra Rare from looting this chest.
-This event runs every 4 hours, as the rewards are high for it.
-Added functions for most skilling pets, other will be implemented in the future.
-You may now begin hunting Herbiboar's on Fossil Island, with 80 Hunter.
-Added Battlestaff materials to the Crafting shop.
-Battlestaves will be a good source of GP.
-Battlestaves crafting will be a great source of Crafting xp.
-You can now receive the Ikkle Hydra pet from the Alchemical Hydra, 1/10000 chance.
-The Ikkle Hydra pet has the 'Metamorphosis' ability.

~New Player Experience
-Furthermore worked on the New player experience.
-Revamped the Starting tutorial, it's not as boring.
-Added spicy new gfx for new players relocating to a new area.
-Re-added a crisper new welcome message when a new player joins.
-Added some friendly screen fading messaging for the new player. :)
-New players now get a free 60 minute bonus experience timer.

~Herblore QoL update
-Added Herbi pet, 1 in 5000 chance.
-Herbi pet gives an xp buff while doing Herblore.
-Herbi pet also gives you lesser chance of not consuming an ingredient.
-Herbi pet non-consumption effect stacks with Herblore Cape/Max Cape.
-Added interface for right-clicking potions to make them.
-Making potions now yields a 3 dose, instead of a 4 dose right away.
-Respectively also added the Amulet of Chemistry, grants a 20% chance at an extra dose.
-The Amulet of Chemistry is dropped by the Deranged Archaeologist in the Fossil Island Swamp.
-Gave Decanter Bob a small bit of dialogue.
-Herbiboar's will be an excellent source of noted Herbs, especially for Iron men.
-To begin Harvesting a herbiboar, just inspect objects around Hunter icons at Fossil Island.
-There is a 1/2000 chance at receiving the Herbi pet while doing this activity.

~Bug Fixes/Improvements/Changes
-Decanter Bob in the bank should now effectively decant all of your potions.
-The Ranged requirements for Magic shortbow, and Magic Shortbow Imbued have been fixed.
-You should now effectively be able to Long-range with your bows.
-Improved Dwarf Cannon rotation speed.
-The Rune Knives requirement for all Rune Knives type should be fixed.
-You may left-click to attack in the Wilderness, and Safe PK zones.
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