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DMM Update BETA .05
« on: March 22, 2021, 03:07:19 PM »
Aurelius DMM Patch .05

-Player's sha'll no longer receive a penalty, or rotate targets if they're in a Safe zone.
-Disallowed the player to use a Bank key on the Bank booth.
-The player may not open the bank at all while holding a Bank key.
-Added announcements for the super rare drop table.
-Added announcements for obtaining a designated kill streak.
-Added announcements for when another player ends a kill streak.
-Added functionality for giving Nigel Blood money to purchase DMM Armour.
-Furthermore improved the drop rate algorithm.
-Prevented a bug that could possibly allow the player to walk while dying.
-Removed the "Challenge" option while in the Dueling arena.
-Added announcement when player reaches level 99 in a combat skill.
-Your skull timer will no longer drain if you are in an instance.
-Fixed a requesting updates bug which disallowed the player to lose a skull if they had a Bank key.

Next update?

I'd mostly like to focus on some more bug fixing, and touching up around the edges. Possibly add some sort of Starter kit for new players, however keep in mind... It is very simple to train, therefore because it is so simple- accumulating GP is very easy. I may offer some training weapons to use that disappear after your first 30 minutes. Also, I plan to add some more events that will bring the pker's together for increased rewards. Possibly may as well be building off of the Bounty hunter system. Thanks for playing! :)
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