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Aurelius QOL Update 3/22/21!
« on: March 22, 2021, 03:25:56 PM »
Aurelius Patch 3/22!

-It only requires 38 farming to thieve from the Master farmer, not 60.
-Added Menaphite thugs to Sophanem teleport area.
-Added Pyramid plunder, which proves as the new Thieving meta, and can be highly profitable.
-Implemented an NPC which you may sell your Pyramid plunder goods to.
-Increased rewards from level 65+ Thieving npcs.
-Completely remove the rest of the diaries.
-Removed the Daily tasks. Willing to re-do them my way if people would like them.
-Respectively added skilling outfits to the Loyalty point shop instead.
-Adjusted Shop Handler/Buying and selling methods. Also added fancy new text to the shop titles.
-Removed the skill level up interfaces, as I have different plans for this section.
-Hopefully fixed a pesky logging in, then instantly logging out bug.

Next update?

Now with the release of the DMM BETA, I can mostly focus on more QoL and new content updates for the Economy Server! I hope you enjoy Pyramid plunder, and the rest of these QoL updates. My plans next will consist of improving the PvE scene, which would include buffs to the Slayer skill, including vast new rewards, and an enjoyable new experience. Please be patient with me as I have a lot going on. Report your bugs so I can get them fixed for the next patch! Thanks everyone for playing!
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