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Aurelius DMM .065 Patch notes *UPDATED 3/30*
« on: March 24, 2021, 11:40:23 AM »
Aurelius DMM .065 Patch 3/26! *UPDATED 3/30*

-Moved Skill Cape Shop near the Cook.
-Removed any options to make planks at the saw mill.
-Removed Max Cape construction requirement.
-Added Culi Chest next to the portal in the altar room.
-Blood money is now dropped from Slayer task monsters.
-The formula for Blood money is a random integer of the NPC's max hit + 1.
-When on a Wilderness task, the forumla is the NPC's max hit x 2, then + 1.
-However when on a Wilderness task, you have a lesser chance of receiving Blood money.
-Caskets containing coins are now dropped from your Slayer task monsters.
-Added Crossbow strings to the Range Supplies shop.
-You may now access the Wilderness Dungeon, outside the Mage Bank.
-Fixed Chaos Altar in the Wilderness.
-Fixed a bug which made the DMM skull appear in a Safe zone, even though the player did not have a skull.
-Added Pyramid Plunder to Deadman Mode, via Sophanem teleport, makes great gp.
-Disallowed player's to obtain Bank keys through the same ip, mule prevention.
-The selection of items you receive with a Bank key has been modified.
-Players will also receive more items upon a Bank raid/will lose more items upon a Bank raid.
-There is now also a cash reward for looting with a Bank key.
-Additionally, you may open the Bank interface with the Bank key in your inventory, but not put the key in the Bank.
-Fixed PKP shop. You may not sell your items back to the PKP shop.
-Added Pyramid Plunder teleport in Minigames.
-DMM got the same Slayer updates that ECO got, minus Duo-slayer.
-For now, DMM will not receive Nightmare zone.
-Respectively, added Imbued rings to the Blood money shop.
-Fixed a bug which allowed Blood money to drop in a glitched spot during some boss fights.
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