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Well it's been a week into the re-launch. I'd say the server has made a major improvement after all the work we have put in. Today I bring us a nice content update, with additions to the Pet system. Including new Slayer pet functioning. You can find Probita in the home bank near the slayer master's. Upon right-clicking her with a pet out, she will tell you your pets function. I will also continue to pump out your suggestions and fixes that may still occur. Please give me some 'lax room, as I simply do not have time to frequently post all of the patch notes/fixes/improvements that are being made. Just know, I've got my eyes on all of your feeds, and everytime... I jot them down on a small list so I can make these updates. Please enjoy. Some pets do not have functions yet-but I am open to suggestions, if I have missed placement of a pet to the function list-that does have a function, please let me know that so I can add it. Here are some new functions for the Slayer pets.

Crawling hand
- Even if you are not on a Slayer task, this pet will allow the Crushing Hand superior counterpart to occasionally spawn-even if you are not on a Crawling hand task.

Swamp bug
- When the Swamp bug is your active pet, all slayer monster requirements are minus two. So you may kill an Abyssal demon at 83, instead of 85 slayer. - and so forth.

Cave crawler
- Gives you an even further increased chance at receiving a Skill key from your task monster.

- Bypass the Earmuffs head gear requirement, allowing you to occupy that slot for better use.

Cave slime
- With this pet active, there is a 1 in 700 chance of making your task amount jump straight to 1 kill left. That 1 in 700 is rolled after every slayer monster you kill on your task. Say I have 66 Skeletal wyverns as my Slayer task, and I kill one. Instead of it jumping to 65 Skeletal wyverns, it would jump to 1 Skeletal wyvern left. You will be granted xp for 1 kill however.

Rock slug
- The Rock slug pet is essentially a portable Rock hammer, saying you an inventory slot while on a Gargoyle task, or facing the Grotesque guardians at the Slayer rooftop.

- Now when you teleport to Godwars, your Armadyl killcount will automatically fill. Which means you skip the grind of obtaining the kill count to fight Kree'arra. Everytime!

- Though the chance of receiving this one is extremely slim. He will provide you with unlimited elemental runes. So he has many uses. Elemental runes - Air, water, earth, and fire. Making him extremely versatile.

- Whenever you acquire a new task- Instead of receiving the normal task amount, you receive half of that amount. Say without this pet active, I would have received x60 Skeletal wyvern's as my task. Now instead, I will receive x30 Skeletal wyvern's as my task-assuming this pet is my active pet.

Infernal Mage
- Now this is the rarest of all Slayer pets currently. The Infernal mage pet acts as a permanent protect from magic, so get this-You may now have two active protection prayers at the same time. Just good luck obtaining this one. (Note, this pet works exactly how the protect from magic would work, some monsters you cannot pray against.)

- Now, whenever you receive Blood runes as a drop, you receive twice the amount. Say I was killing a Giant mole, and the drop was 100 Blood runes, that drop would be increased to 200 Blood runes. Which would make this a great pet to have if you're on an Ironman!

- The Jelly is pretty much a half-assed portable bank. Without the withdrawing from the bank part. While you have this pet active, you can use items on him to transfer them directly to your bank.

- This pet will give you extra defence against your slayer task monsters. Essentially making their max hit lower in certain instances. Which will be a great addition for boss slayer assignments.

Cave Horror
- Acts as a permanent Witchwood icon, so you can occupy your neck slot with better equipment. Furthermore, it increases your chance of hitting the mega rare drop table at Cave horror's.

Aberrant Spectre
- This one is also quite rare to obtain. Now, if you have this pet active-You may skip one level requirement while prestiging. You may want that to be Construction, Hunter, Slayer, whichever you'd prefer.

Dust Devil
- Increases your damage against all demonic creatures, regardless of the weapon you're using. It's a walking Arclight! This will be wonderful against Skotizo and other demonics!

- The Kurask pet will decrease your Slayer point shop price in the Slayer store. Assuming he is your active pet.

- Further increases your chance of receiving a brittle key from 1 in 150, to half of that at 1 in 75. The Brittle key is used to face the Grotesque guardians on the Slayer rooftop. You must be on a Gargoyle slayer task to receive the Brittle key.

Dark Beast
- Increases your chance of hitting the Mega rare drop table while on a Slayer task, per your corresponding Slayer monster.

Abyssal Demon
- The Abyssal demon pet, increases your casket loot while on a Wilderness task. Additionally, the Abyssal demon pet will now further increase your chance of receiving a Mysterious emblem while on a Wilderness slayer task. The Abyssal demon pet will only work while on a Wilderness slayer task.


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