Topic: The New skilling items in the Skill point shop... (Feature list)  (Read 136 times)


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Superior golden chef items
These golden chef items will give you increased xp while cooking. Essentially making your road to 99 cooking on every prestige, that much quicker.

Crystal Saw
Allows you to build construction objects that are 3 levels higher than your current level. (The requirement to build construction objects is three less.)

Bottomless Compost Bucket
You can use this bucket forever, and never need any compost again occupying your inventory while farming.

Cooking Gauntlets
You'll never burn any food again, as long as you have these gloves equip while cooking.

Fancy Tiara
Increases your xp gain while Runecrafting, great for getting a quick 99 in Runecrafting!

Bonecrusher Necklace
Automatically bury bones when they are dropped.

Blacksmith's helmet
Very slim chance to not consume bars while smithing. Also acts a permanent ring of forging. Also, increases your cannonball yield when making cannonballs.

Magic secateurs
Gives you increased xp gain while Farming, as well as increased crop yield while farming, which is great for a power level through farming!


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