Topic: Update 07/10 (Introducing Rune Royale, Battle Royale and Pet Insurance!)  (Read 137 times)


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Update 07/10

-Added Rune Royale (You must have the up-to-date client, Minigames > Rune Royale at the bottom)
-Added Beginner's Key, in hopes of attracting more new players. (You must have the up-to-date client)
-Fixed purchasing of Dark Bender, was colliding with Ultra Caskets
-Made public event announcements less clunky, and more appealing.
-Reduced the rate at which some public events happen, to prevent spamming of public events happening.
-Removed the announcement for resetting of npcs/minigames, yet it still resets.
-Fixed Mac's prestiging dialogue.
-Corrected Display XP Rate.
-When an item is force added to your bank, the text will stand out from the other text.
-Moved Clue master next to the Dwarf at home bank.
-Added Shop Catalog book, views all the shops.
-Added Shop Catalog book to the Donator store for 5 tokens.
-Re-did the training teleport tab to be more visible and direct for newcomers.
-Modified the Hourly Loyalty point algorithm.
-Players will also no longer receive Loyalty points if they are idle.
-There is no longer a public message for when a player donates.
-Removed the Well of Goodwill boost ending announcements.
-Added Pet Insurance, make sure you insure your pets with Probita.
-Removed the Vote announcement.
-Miscellania loot times will only append for variables after your first time.
-Corrected the Ornament godsword Prayer bonuses from 132 to 8.
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