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Title: RuneRoyale Minigame
Post by: Anthony on June 23, 2021, 12:20:13 PM
Quick rundown of a new minigame coming! RuneRoyale is a battle-royale (Fortnite, PUBG, etc.) style minigame where you and X amount of other players spawn into a world where you start with minimal items. You can obtain more items by gathering resources, selling resources, looting randomly spawned chests, killing NPCs and other players, and trading bottle-caps with Scavenger Shops. With the exception of spawn and Scavenger Shop areas, the entire map is a hostile environment.

I. Starting RuneRoyale

To begin RuneRoyal players will teleport to the lobby area. The lobby area features a shop NPC to spend RuneRoyale Tokens at, for rewards. NPCs that explain what RuneRoyale is, a small bank area, a map table which shows the minimap view of RuneRoyale maps, and a portal for joining the waiting lobby. Players cannot wear items into RuneRoyal. A minimum of 2 players is required to start a RuneRoyale match.

After waiting for the countdown timer, players are teleported to a suitable map for the number of players that are playing. Once teleported, there's a safe timer on all players for 15 seconds, where players cannot be attacked.

Players spawn with the following gear:
At this point, your main objectives are:
II. Obtaining Resources

There are several ways to obtain resources and bottlecaps:
III. Upgrading Gear and Tools

Upgrading Gear - You can get better gear by A) receiving it as loot from players or NPCs, or B) purchasing it from Scavenger Shops using bottlecaps.
Upgrading Tools - Higher level tools are required to get higher-level resources. Tools are automatically upgraded just by using them.

Below is an example of the upgrading chart for Woodcutting:


In this example, you'll need to chop 5 trees to be upgraded to an iron hatchet.
And chop 10 Oak trees to be upgraded to a mithril hatchet.

IV. Maps

There's a total of 3 different maps, based on how many players are playing the game. Small (2 to 5 players), Medium (6 to 9 players) and Large (10+ players)

An example of a medium-sized map:


V. Rewards

After each game of RuneRoyale you play, you'll be given points based on your performance. The highest amount of points comes from being the last player standing. Large portion of points are awarded for killing other players. You're also given points for looting chests, killing NPCs, obtaining resources, and upgrading gear.[/br][/br]

Points can be exchanged in the RuneRoyale lobby for awesome rewards such as gear, barrows, mystery boxes, XP lamps, and RuneRoyale exclusive cosmetics.

VI. Other Important Notes
VII. More Screenshots

The RuneRoyal Lobby


The RuneRoyal Game Waiting Room


Medium-Sized Map Spawn


A Hidden Chest on a Medium-Sized Map


A Scavenger Shop and Prayer Restoration Area


General Views of a Medium-Sized Map




Title: Re: RuneRoyale Minigame
Post by: Sicario on June 23, 2021, 08:21:17 PM
Looks bloody great AJ, going to be good! Can't wait to test it!!