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Updates / Update 07/19! Introducing Battlepass and other QoL updates!
« Last post by moneynewxbl on July 17, 2021, 11:09:37 AM »
*New Features
-Public events like (Monster hunter, meteor spawning) now append on the screen instead of the chat.
-Added multiple new ways to earn Loyalty points (some announcements will append with a (+x amount LP)
-Added many various new items to the Loyalty point shop.
-Further improved the tutorial for newcomers, they have options to learn about core features.
-Added Guthix Rest, with slightly better buffs than OSRS.
-Added correct Dorgeshuun crossbow, and bone bolt methods.
-Improved poison handling versus NPC effects.
-Added 'Desert Treasure' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added 'One Small Favour' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added Apothecary's shop, but only when you complete One Small Favour.
-Added Battlepass, it is available in the Donator shop for $15
-Added increased server stability report, you will idle out in some circumstances for inactivity.

*Newcomer Improvements
-Further improved Teleport interface.
-The Beginner's key will now retain to the player's inventory, or bank account.
-New players (or those who have not prestiged) have the option to complete "Intro to Relics" to earn +1 free relic.

*Announcement improvements
-Edited announcements again (including discord announcements)
-Removed some announcements (they seemed very clunky and unnessecary at times)
-I will try to refrain from further editing these announcements, unless adding more
-99's and 200m marker announcements only appear for Realism modes.
-Additionally, removed the new player joining announcements.

*Shop changes and improvements
-Increased the shop price of Anglerfish.
-Added Dorgeshuun crossbow and bone bolts to the Ranged shop.
-Added some poisonous ammo supplies to the Ranged shop.
-Added more dinky stuff to the Fancy shop.
-Removed Bolts from the Ranged shop.
-Removed some stuff from the Consumables shop, added them to the Apothecary's shop.

*Other QoL or fixes.
-Increased the skill point bonus from Min: 500, Max: 1000, to Min: 2000, Max: 4000, respectively.
-Fixed a Hardcore Ironman death bug, that involved dying outside of Rune Royale.
-Re-fixed Godsword (or) variant bonuses to match that of OSRS.
-Respectively, you will need to Smith them/Fletch them/Obtain as a drop.
-More monster's now drop bolts.
-Corrected some level requirements for Spiky vambraces.
-Fixed "Double Cast" relic, it should now correctly work.
-and fixed some other things you all have reported!
Update 07/10

-Added Rune Royale (You must have the up-to-date client, Minigames > Rune Royale at the bottom)
-Added Beginner's Key, in hopes of attracting more new players. (You must have the up-to-date client)
-Fixed purchasing of Dark Bender, was colliding with Ultra Caskets
-Made public event announcements less clunky, and more appealing.
-Reduced the rate at which some public events happen, to prevent spamming of public events happening.
-Removed the announcement for resetting of npcs/minigames, yet it still resets.
-Fixed Mac's prestiging dialogue.
-Corrected Display XP Rate.
-When an item is force added to your bank, the text will stand out from the other text.
-Moved Clue master next to the Dwarf at home bank.
-Added Shop Catalog book, views all the shops.
-Added Shop Catalog book to the Donator store for 5 tokens.
-Re-did the training teleport tab to be more visible and direct for newcomers.
-Modified the Hourly Loyalty point algorithm.
-Players will also no longer receive Loyalty points if they are idle.
-There is no longer a public message for when a player donates.
-Removed the Well of Goodwill boost ending announcements.
-Added Pet Insurance, make sure you insure your pets with Probita.
-Removed the Vote announcement.
-Miscellania loot times will only append for variables after your first time.
-Corrected the Ornament godsword Prayer bonuses from 132 to 8.
Updates / Dev update 07/02 (Roadmap included as well)
« Last post by moneynewxbl on July 02, 2021, 05:47:00 PM »
Today I added a couple small new things, and fixed some stuff you guys have alerted us about. Thanks for the patience, we have more goods to come.

-Fixed Tree spot in Donator zone.
-Fixed a bug that disallowed those prestiging past prestige 2, to not receive correct task locations.
-Added Regular Chinchompas to the Ranged store.
-Added "Last Longer" relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-The text and function has been revised for Last Longer.
-Last Longer adds an extra +5 to boosted stats, thus lasting longer.
-Added "Bosses Boss" relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-The text and function has been revised for Bosses Boss.
-If you have Bosses Boss equipped, most Hitmarks append Cyan instead of Red.
-Added improved Chinchompa and Multi barrage damage support.
-Added Smitherines relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-Added Echolocation relic for Prestiges 9 and 10.
-Fixed a bug that told the player they were "Moving too fast" when logging in.

The roadmap below has no specific order, I do know however - that our next major content update should contain the Battle Pass/ and Rune Royale minigame. I will get done what I can. Please continue to report your bugs and suggestions. Thank you to all!

- Improving the quest lines, and improving what you love about them.
- Adding more quests, including Desert Treasure, Dragon Slayer, etc. If you have ideas, shoot them in suggestions.
- Group Ironmen should be able to share a bank account between their group.
- Battle Pass system and mechanics/rewards.
- Rune Royale Minigame.
- Pet insurance, and fully functioning Probita.
- Slowly but surely working on a Deadman Game mode that we had a small community for.
Skilling / An introduction to relics
« Last post by Ascend on June 29, 2021, 02:13:10 AM »
What are relics?
Relics provide certain powerful bonuses to your character. You can compare them with perks. You'll unlock slots as you prestige but alternatively, $300+ donors get a 4th slot.

How do I get these relics?
Relics are locked behind tiers. Tiers are unlockable onto a certain prestige, going from tier 1 to 5. Each tier provides some powerful stuff regarding skilling, PvMing and utlity.

How do I activate them?
After prestiging, head over to Mac again and open the Relics interface. Here you can see the different tiers and click on the icon to see what they do.

You enable them by earning enough task points. Talk to Mac and check the location interface or do ::reliclocations for the tasks.

Unlockable by prestige:
Tier 1: Prestige 1&2
Tier 2: Prestige 3&4
Tier 3: Prestige 5&6
Tier 4: Prestige 7&8
Tier 5: Prestige 9&10

Bargainist and Infernal Aura seem good options here.

Double Trouble is a solid choice when grinding minigame or slayer points, where clue expert is nice if you can manage to save a stack of clues/caskets.

Combat Relics:
Mage - Seems a bit slow at the moment, wouldn't consider taking
Melee - Seems like the best option atm, considering mauls/spear speeds are very good vs their weaknesses. You'll also be using melee the most during prestiging with slayer etc, and it covers 3 combat skills.
Range - Middle ground, good on certain weapons

Respect your Elder on this tier is handy paired with Double Trouble if you need some slayer points for massive unlocks.

Hoarder is a very good 'fast-prestiging' option.
Mid/lategame PvMing becomes VERY nice with either The Pope or Power House.

Bosses Boss is your go-to lategame PvMing tool.
Specialist is nice with the special restoring on certain spec weps
Vampiric is a very nice tool paired with fast-hitting stuff like bp or melee with melee relic.
Updates / Patch 06/28
« Last post by moneynewxbl on June 28, 2021, 06:16:07 PM »
+Loyalty point changes
-Added kill count tally for 15k kills, 50k kills, 100k kills, per npc.
-Reverted Loyalty point yield for reaching certain killcounts per npc.

-If you have not prestiged, you will not be able to complete Relic tasks.
-Relics you have selected should now correctly reset based on the circumstance.
-If you still have a problem with your relics, an admin can correct it for you.
-The 'Craftsmanship' relic should now effectively be profitable.

-Improved the Skill key chest loot.
-The Infernal pickaxe should no longer prevent a player from smelting.
-The Cooking xp rates should now be as follows: "Aurelius XP rate * Normal OSRS rate"

+The Lottery
-The Lottery event has been removed.
-A tlc for events will come with the Rune Royale minigame release.
-A new lottery interface will be implemented with that update.
-The lottery will function differently with that update.

-Food may now be cooked on all tiered fires, and not just regular fires.

+Grotesque Guardians
-The Brittle key drop rate is now 1/75 instead of 1/150.

-Tomes are now less expensive than Pink skilling lamps.
-The Bounty Hunter store should no longer display items for 2147m Bounties.
-Moved the Clue Master next to the dwarf at home.

+Trading post
-You can now set a custom amount for your items.
-Keep in mind, the Trading post may not be available much longer, we're looking at the Grand exchange instead.

+Other fixes or suggestions
-The Royal seed pod will now teleport you infront of the bank at home.
Rules / Official Donator perk list.
« Last post by moneynewxbl on June 24, 2021, 01:48:17 PM »
Regular Donator ($10 minimum)
-Access to Donator zone ::dzone command or Donator shop npc.
-+1 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+1% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Regular donator key'
-+1 extra skill points when you gain skill points.

Super Donator ($30 minimum)
-Start with +2 God wars killcount
-+2 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+2% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Super donator key'
-Cool new fire object when firemaking
-+2 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Boss instancing.

Extreme Donator ($75 minimum)
-Start with +4 God wars killcount
-+4 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+3% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Extreme donator key'
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Super donator.
-+3 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Revenant, Skeletal Wyvern, or Karuulm dungeon cave instancing, every 20 minutes.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Epic Donator ($150 minimum)
-Start with +6 God wars killcount
-+6 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-Double points upon a completion of Pest Control.
-+4% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Epic donator key'
-New fire object when firemaking different from Extreme and Super donators.
-+1 extra item when thieving from stalls.
-+4 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Epic donator zone, with ::epdz command, or Donator shop npc.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Legendary Donator ($300 minimum)
-Start with +10 God wars killcount
-+8 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+5% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Legendary donator key'
-Your own personal island, with an increase +75% xp boost, made personally by the dev's.
-::island command to access your island, or Donator shop npc > My custom island option.
-Double Marks of Grace when doing Rooftop Agility courses.
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Epic donator.
-+1 Extra relic spot (4 relics equipped at a time)
-+5 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)

Faithful Donator ($750 minimum)
-Start with +10 God wars killcount
-+10 bonus points during a Slayer task completion.
-+6% extra drop rate
-Access to the yell command, with coloured font.
-Access to loot the Boss key chest with 'Faithful donator key'
-A rare drop table roll every x hours via the Donator NPC.
-Access to the ::AFK command, go idle in a big chair for everyone to see.
-New fire object when firemaking, equal to Epic donator.
-+1 Extra relic spot (4 relics equipped at a time)
-+6 extra skill points when you gain skill points.
-Access to Dwarf Multicannon (Unfinished)
Upcoming Updates / Re: RuneRoyale Minigame
« Last post by Sicario on June 23, 2021, 08:21:17 PM »
Looks bloody great AJ, going to be good! Can't wait to test it!!
Upcoming Updates / RuneRoyale Minigame
« Last post by Anthony on June 23, 2021, 12:20:13 PM »
Quick rundown of a new minigame coming! RuneRoyale is a battle-royale (Fortnite, PUBG, etc.) style minigame where you and X amount of other players spawn into a world where you start with minimal items. You can obtain more items by gathering resources, selling resources, looting randomly spawned chests, killing NPCs and other players, and trading bottle-caps with Scavenger Shops. With the exception of spawn and Scavenger Shop areas, the entire map is a hostile environment.

I. Starting RuneRoyale

To begin RuneRoyal players will teleport to the lobby area. The lobby area features a shop NPC to spend RuneRoyale Tokens at, for rewards. NPCs that explain what RuneRoyale is, a small bank area, a map table which shows the minimap view of RuneRoyale maps, and a portal for joining the waiting lobby. Players cannot wear items into RuneRoyal. A minimum of 2 players is required to start a RuneRoyale match.

After waiting for the countdown timer, players are teleported to a suitable map for the number of players that are playing. Once teleported, there's a safe timer on all players for 15 seconds, where players cannot be attacked.

Players spawn with the following gear:
  • Full Bronze Armor
  • Bronze Tools
  • Small Fishing Net
  • Bronze Scimitar
  • 5 Shrimp
  • Storage Container
At this point, your main objectives are:
  • Stay alive
  • Kill other players and NPCs.
  • Obtain resources to sell to Scavenger Shops.
  • Upgrade gear and tools.
  • Loot chests around the map.
  • Be the last person standing
II. Obtaining Resources

There are several ways to obtain resources and bottlecaps:
  • Raw Resources: Mining, Woodcutting, and Fishing
  • Killing NPCs which drop PvP/PvM gear, raw resources, and bottlecaps.
  • Killing other players. You'll receive their items + bottlecaps.
  • Looting chests- The spawns are the same, but there isn't guaranteed to be loot in them.
III. Upgrading Gear and Tools

Upgrading Gear - You can get better gear by A) receiving it as loot from players or NPCs, or B) purchasing it from Scavenger Shops using bottlecaps.
Upgrading Tools - Higher level tools are required to get higher-level resources. Tools are automatically upgraded just by using them.

Below is an example of the upgrading chart for Woodcutting:

In this example, you'll need to chop 5 trees to be upgraded to an iron hatchet.
And chop 10 Oak trees to be upgraded to a mithril hatchet.

IV. Maps

There's a total of 3 different maps, based on how many players are playing the game. Small (2 to 5 players), Medium (6 to 9 players) and Large (10+ players)

An example of a medium-sized map:

  • Each map has a central spawn area which is a safe zone.
  • Red areas of the map have higher chances of spawning harder/more hostile NPCs.
  • Scavenger shops are marked by a sword icon on the minimap.
  • Prayer restore is marked by an altar icon on the minimap.
  • Areas with a light blue/green hue are safe areas.
  • Resources spawn randomly throughout the map, mining, woodcutting, and fishing symbols are where you'll find higher-level resources.
  • Giftbox minimap icons show that there's a chest in that area.

V. Rewards

After each game of RuneRoyale you play, you'll be given points based on your performance. The highest amount of points comes from being the last player standing. Large portion of points are awarded for killing other players. You're also given points for looting chests, killing NPCs, obtaining resources, and upgrading gear.[/br][/br]

Points can be exchanged in the RuneRoyale lobby for awesome rewards such as gear, barrows, mystery boxes, XP lamps, and RuneRoyale exclusive cosmetics.

VI. Other Important Notes
  • Players cannot bank, however they have a Storage Container which can hold a maximum of 10 items.
  • Every 2 minutes new NPCs spawn, these NPCs get progressively harder.
  • Every 2 minutes chests respawn, the loot in these chests gets better as the game progresses.
  • Skills and level requirements are ignored for this game mode. A level 3 with no stats will have the same ability as a maxed account.
  • The only obtainable fish are: Shrimp, Swordfish, Lobster, Sharks, and Manta Ray.
  • Gem Rocks throughout the map give random gems which can be sold to Scavenger Shops.
  • Prayer can only be restored every 90 seconds.
  • All NPCs are hostile within a certain distance.
  • You don't get to keep any items obtained in RuneRoyale, you're only given RuneRoyale Tokens as a reward.
VII. More Screenshots

The RuneRoyal Lobby

The RuneRoyal Game Waiting Room

Medium-Sized Map Spawn

A Hidden Chest on a Medium-Sized Map

A Scavenger Shop and Prayer Restoration Area

General Views of a Medium-Sized Map

Updates / Aurelius Update (18/6/21)
« Last post by Sicario on June 18, 2021, 05:22:59 AM »
PATCH NOTES (18/6/21)

-New Additions-
- Added '::deleteteam' command for deleting a group ironman team.
- Added Rock Hammer in the slayer store for 25pts.
- Group Ironmen who had a group prior to the new group handler should now be able to effectively create a new ironman group.
- Prayer Potion (4) will match with the prayer potion (3) shop prices.
- Secondary title/icon/badges will now appear in the Clan Chat as well as your primary icon.
- Decreased birdhouse wait time from 10 -> 7mins.
- Fixed the wise old mans direction in shops
- Removed noted dexterous scroll from slayer shop as item was null.
- Increased the extraction rate for the best pickaxes (Rune, Dragon/(or), Infernal, 3rd age).
- The infernal pickaxe algorithm will now effectively yield smelted bars better.
- The infernal pickaxe will only work, if you are mining with it equipped.

More Prestige Updates coming! Stay tuned in the discord!
Thank you Dylan!

- Aurelius Staff Team
Skilling / An introduction to quests - Video guide and text
« Last post by Ascend on June 16, 2021, 02:57:01 AM »
Aurelius' Quest Guide

Welcome boys and girls, since we currently have some working quests, I decided to make a video to tour you through some quests. Currently excluding Shield of Arrav

This guide shows you what to buy at the start of your fresh account to do the quests in Lumbridge, Draynor Village and Varrock.

Video guide if you just want to follow my path:
Quest guide

Buy the following items in the shop:
- Fish food
- Poison
- Shears
- Garlic
- Egg, milk, flour
- Hammer
- Spade

Ready? Teleport to lumbridge and head over to the cook. Talk to him to start the quest, then retrigger his dialogue to finish cook's assistant.

(Talk to Father Aerek in front of church if u want to do Restless Ghost afterwards)

Next, run over to the cow pen near Fred the Farmer in Lumbridge. Stand next to the gate and go through, then start Sheep Shearer. Accept the quest and get 3 wool. Talk to him after to complete the quest.

After that, you'll want to city teleport to Draynor Village and head over to Morgan's house to start Vampire slayer.
Next, city teleport to Varrock. Talk to Romeo in the centre of the city and then head over to Juliet's house. Take the letter back to Romeo and head over to the south of Varrock. Talk to Dr Harlow in the pub and choose the Quest option to take a swig with him. He'll gladly give you a stake. Now you'll want to run south and go east to the mining spot to take a cadava berry. Once you have a Cadava berry, teleport to Varrock centre again.
Head over to the Apothecary and talk to him to receive the potion. Talk to Romeo to complete the quest.

Lastly, we're going to want to return to Draynor Village. Head over to Draynor Mansion and talk to Veronica to start Ernest the chicken. Spamclick some dead trees that trigger the dialogue until you get an oil can from it.
Now head west inside the garden and combine the fish food & the poison and search the fountain from the north to get the pressure gauge.
Run north and search the compost heap to receive the final item, a rubber tube. Head back to the entrance and talk to Veronica to complete the quest.

Head in the mansion to complete our final quest. Stand right next to doors and open to pass through them at the moment, then head down the stairs. Click the coffin and one bang the vampire to complete Vampire Slayer.

Restless Ghost and Imp Catcher
If you didn't start Restless Ghost in Lumbridge, go tp to Lumbridge and talk to father Aerek to start the quest.
Do both quests by teleporting to Draynor village. Head over to the Wizard tower and slay imps on the bridge until you have the 4 beads.
Once you have the 4 beads, head over to Mizgog to talk & complete imp catcher.

Now click on the door of the tower to receive the ghosts' skull and teleport to Lumbridge.
Head over to the graveyard at the church and talk to the ghost to complete your quest!
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