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Maxing 101
« on: June 02, 2021, 02:46:02 AM »
Alright - very simple and compact maxing guide, will make more in-depth skilling guides later. This might help a lot of people stuck on different skills, I'll highlight stuff I'd lamp.

Daily stuff reminder:
1. Miscellania
2. Voting for lamp and unlocks
3. Check your boost of the day and play accordingly
4. Enjoy Aurelius' features :)

Remember, by 'Maxing 101' I mean prestiging asap and the methods to do so. Some things to keep in mind:
- Meteor for skilling boxes 99% of the time - these boxes almost always give exp lamps or tomes. I'm highlighting stuff I'd lamp in red, toming in orange.

- Keep your eye out on hotspots, these will come in handy when getting your shitty skills up and/or bankstand skills. Hotspots currently give +75% exp, so very worth tping to every 45 min.

- You'll probably spend a lot of skilling and loyalty points towards exp. Don't follow the lamps recommendation when you want other stuff. - Exception to this is your skilling outfits at the start that you buy with loyalty points

- Do your quests as they are an easy starting point and I'll often skip these levels under here. E.g. you get like 59 mage from imp catcher without dxp weekend, so you can just alch your way to bursting.

Melee: get your slayer up whilst training melee. General good ways to get some slayer points for gear unlocks like d def etc:
- Turael first 9 tasks, do a wildy/your highest master you prefer
- Wildy all tasks for PKP and emblems
- Duo slayer tends to give a lot of slayer exp

Ranged: Semi-AFK this at NMZ with a msb and arrows you receive from Miscellania etc

Magic: Imp catcher -> Alch till burst -> wait for Kourend catacombs hotspot and burst your way to 99 on things that clutter. I recommend melee pray for this.

Prayer: Few options here. I really recommend going for 43 pray asap as they unlock your way to afking some higher tier slayer tasks, after that just get some dbones ready for DXP weekend and do one of these:
- Ectofuntus on Skilling TP: grants chance to not use a bone like chaos altar.
- Wildy altar: same function as Ecto but grants more exp. Not recommended if you don't have a Lv30 wild tp
- Dzone altar: Great exp, but doesn't save bones. Do this if you have plenty of bones and cba having to tp.

Slayer: Get some slayer up whilst doing combat training, after you 99 no reason to stay doing cb. Save up a bit of tomes and use these in weekend+well+hotspot for juicy drops

General disclaimer to unlock your respective outfits with loyalty points (claim your loyalty chests and just play, 99's give LP too). They boost your gains by A LOT.

Skills you'll love

Woodcutting & FM: Chop some logs up until you can do Wintertodt at 50 fm (not sure if there's even a level req here) and do Wintertodt. Win 2 games and you're 99 on both. Congrats.

Buy me sir

Crafting: Buy gems in shop and sell them afterwards, you don't lose a lot of gp on this. Alternatively, you can make money with crafting and alching bstaves. General consensus: do crafting in hotspots and during weekend or skilling points day. Dstones to 99. If bored of buying - lamp when possible.


Plenty of skills are tomeable when you're bored, but in general I recommend toming agility

Agility: Please tome this. Alternatively you can spend time on your best course but I'd recommend saving up tomes from skilling mboxes and using these in weekend+well+hotspot (the golden trio).

Mining: Pretty afk on here. You can do mining if you semi afk stuff, remember to keep doing your highest ore as these give most exp and speed is pretty similar. When you're bored or you want to max, save some tomes for mining as well.
You can also wait for mining guild hotspot and go there. Dropmine there for max exp gains, you don't stop mining when you drop

Fishing: You can actually fully afk fishing at karambwanji's but it's slow as hell. Other options is to hotspot fishing guild your fishing.
1-20 net for shrimp and anchovies
20-30 fly fish trout and salmon
30-62 harpoon tuna and swordfish (you'll thank me you skip lobsters when you cook tuna :) )
62-99 Monkfish
Afk: ?-99 Net karambwanji
Tomes: when you're sick of afking and want to max and have some tomes leftover. Pretty chill skill.

Thieving: I don't recommend toming thieving. Just do your stalls. Start at pickpocketing men at home, then follow the stall order next to the bank at home.

FM & WC: Don't tome these please. You can get them 99 in 15 minutes.

Lamp alert

Smithing (make knives from bars you get from Miscellania - boxes - ...)

Wait for weekend, not necessarily lamping
Hunter: Really nice skill when you hit level req for herbiboar. Before the weekend, get your hunter to 80.
At level 1 go get a bird snare and go east of Lands End's bank for Crimson swifts.
Do birdhouses next every 10 min, you get a notification ingame whenever theyre ready. You can do this between slay tasks for example

Farming: Pretty nice skill exp-wise when you have the farmers outfit, just do highest as possible herbs (and trees?) to 99. You can do your round easily in time until first one grows ready. Talk to Master farmer at Camelot to start your TP round.

Herblore: Nice skill when you prep the weekend with unf pots and their secondaries. I recommend using the herbs you farmed first. Torsols for zammy brews.

Cooking: Before cooking gauntlets you'll probably end up lamping cooking (I know right, who would've said that ever) but you need to keep cooking until stuff can't get burnt. Monkfish is at 90 cooking. Good luck soldier.

Fletching: Just hope you'll have mage & yew logs from misc etc., otherwise you'll have to wc a bit. Save bow strings if you ever get these as skill mbox reward for magic longs.
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Re: Maxing 101
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2021, 09:29:47 AM »
Great work on the guide Ascend, could probably do with a bit of re-structure to break up the sections better, message me on discord if you need a hand.

Otherwise, fantastic mate - looking forward to the final product!


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