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Custom Raids 101
« on: June 10, 2021, 10:42:43 AM »
Welcome to a simple text guide for the custom raids.
General requirements to START raids and even solo them:
- Minimum 43 pray (melee prot)
- Minimum 68 mage (blood burst)
- Antifires, pray pots, antifire shield

Good mage gear and people that pile in one spot (so mobs do too) are the things that'll get you best times. Good luck :)
I will complete and edit the list as I've done more raids, or gotten more information on them.

Easy (5 waves, max 3 people)

Air rift

Monsters: Cyclops, Spitting wyverns, Black dragons (don't forget your antifires and antishield!)
Boss = Dagannoth supreme

Water rift

Monsters: Rock lobsters, blue dragons,
Boss = Kraken

Earth rift

Monsters: Moss giant, monstrous basilisks, green dragons, ents
Boss = Derwen (mage arena 2 guthix boss)

Fire rift
Monsters: Fire giant, Nuclear smoke devil, red dragons, ankous, greater demons
Boss = Giant scarab & Lizardman shaman

Medium (8 waves, max 4 people)

Lava rift
Ancient wyvern, flaming pyrelord, giant scarabs - wave 3 (kill first, they mage), skeletal wyverns - wave 4 (pray range if no elemental shield), lava dragons
Boss = ancient wyvern & maiden of sugadenti

Ice rift
Choke devils, Mammoths, Skeletal Wyverns (focus these, they attack with range), Steel dragons
Boss = The Inadequacy

Hard Rifts (9 waves, max. 5 people)

Bandos rift
Insatiable bloodveld, spiritual ranger, spiritual mager, general strongstack (melee), general grimspike (range), general steelwill (mage)
Boss = General Graardor

Saradomin rift
Insatiable bloodveld, spiritual ranger, spiritual mager, Starlight (melee), Bree (range) Growler (mage)
Boss = Commander Zilyana
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