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Daily bonuses - An overview
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:29:30 AM »
Hello hello!

To make it easier to find some stuff in one place, I've decided to make some basic topics regarding the server for newcomers.

Beneath you can find what bonuses there are each day and why/how you can benefit from them.

Monday - Double skillpoints
Every skill per action has a chance of getting you some skillpoints, on Monday we get them double the amount. Don't forget to have your hellcat out as they increase the points even more!

Some fast skilling activities:
- Clean herbs (you can spam click)
- Do your crafting by cutting gems
- Cook
- Wintertodt

Tuesday - Double slayer points
Pretty straight forward. Today you get double slay points from completing tasks. Perfect day to grind slayer.
Point whoring? Try this:
- 9 tasks Turael, 10th task wildy/duradel/konar(boss)

Wednesday - Double minigame points
Every minigame that works with points now gives double points. VERY interesting day to finally grind out your void in a group or do some NMZ for those sweet imbued items.

Thursday - Server increased drop rate
On Thursday everyone has +5% droprate, making bossing very appealing on Thursday. You can try your luck at revs and get lucky on a pvp item as well ;)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Double experience weekend.
Why are you reading this? Go start grinding these levels to prestige!

Alpha tip: use all your lamps and tomes during weekend times, combined with a well of goodwill (double exp as well), bonus hotspot area (+0.75% XP) and XP book (+0.35% XP)


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