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An introduction to quests - Video guide and text
« on: June 16, 2021, 02:57:01 AM »
Aurelius' Quest Guide

Welcome boys and girls, since we currently have some working quests, I decided to make a video to tour you through some quests. Currently excluding Shield of Arrav

This guide shows you what to buy at the start of your fresh account to do the quests in Lumbridge, Draynor Village and Varrock.

Video guide if you just want to follow my path:
Quest guide

Buy the following items in the shop:
- Fish food
- Poison
- Shears
- Garlic
- Egg, milk, flour
- Hammer
- Spade

Ready? Teleport to lumbridge and head over to the cook. Talk to him to start the quest, then retrigger his dialogue to finish cook's assistant.

(Talk to Father Aerek in front of church if u want to do Restless Ghost afterwards)

Next, run over to the cow pen near Fred the Farmer in Lumbridge. Stand next to the gate and go through, then start Sheep Shearer. Accept the quest and get 3 wool. Talk to him after to complete the quest.

After that, you'll want to city teleport to Draynor Village and head over to Morgan's house to start Vampire slayer.
Next, city teleport to Varrock. Talk to Romeo in the centre of the city and then head over to Juliet's house. Take the letter back to Romeo and head over to the south of Varrock. Talk to Dr Harlow in the pub and choose the Quest option to take a swig with him. He'll gladly give you a stake. Now you'll want to run south and go east to the mining spot to take a cadava berry. Once you have a Cadava berry, teleport to Varrock centre again.
Head over to the Apothecary and talk to him to receive the potion. Talk to Romeo to complete the quest.

Lastly, we're going to want to return to Draynor Village. Head over to Draynor Mansion and talk to Veronica to start Ernest the chicken. Spamclick some dead trees that trigger the dialogue until you get an oil can from it.
Now head west inside the garden and combine the fish food & the poison and search the fountain from the north to get the pressure gauge.
Run north and search the compost heap to receive the final item, a rubber tube. Head back to the entrance and talk to Veronica to complete the quest.

Head in the mansion to complete our final quest. Stand right next to doors and open to pass through them at the moment, then head down the stairs. Click the coffin and one bang the vampire to complete Vampire Slayer.

Restless Ghost and Imp Catcher
If you didn't start Restless Ghost in Lumbridge, go tp to Lumbridge and talk to father Aerek to start the quest.
Do both quests by teleporting to Draynor village. Head over to the Wizard tower and slay imps on the bridge until you have the 4 beads.
Once you have the 4 beads, head over to Mizgog to talk & complete imp catcher.

Now click on the door of the tower to receive the ghosts' skull and teleport to Lumbridge.
Head over to the graveyard at the church and talk to the ghost to complete your quest!
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