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An introduction to relics
« on: June 29, 2021, 02:13:10 AM »
What are relics?
Relics provide certain powerful bonuses to your character. You can compare them with perks. You'll unlock slots as you prestige but alternatively, $300+ donors get a 4th slot.

How do I get these relics?
Relics are locked behind tiers. Tiers are unlockable onto a certain prestige, going from tier 1 to 5. Each tier provides some powerful stuff regarding skilling, PvMing and utlity.

How do I activate them?
After prestiging, head over to Mac again and open the Relics interface. Here you can see the different tiers and click on the icon to see what they do.

You enable them by earning enough task points. Talk to Mac and check the location interface or do ::reliclocations for the tasks.

Unlockable by prestige:
Tier 1: Prestige 1&2
Tier 2: Prestige 3&4
Tier 3: Prestige 5&6
Tier 4: Prestige 7&8
Tier 5: Prestige 9&10

Bargainist and Infernal Aura seem good options here.

Double Trouble is a solid choice when grinding minigame or slayer points, where clue expert is nice if you can manage to save a stack of clues/caskets.

Combat Relics:
Mage - Seems a bit slow at the moment, wouldn't consider taking
Melee - Seems like the best option atm, considering mauls/spear speeds are very good vs their weaknesses. You'll also be using melee the most during prestiging with slayer etc, and it covers 3 combat skills.
Range - Middle ground, good on certain weapons

Respect your Elder on this tier is handy paired with Double Trouble if you need some slayer points for massive unlocks.

Hoarder is a very good 'fast-prestiging' option.
Mid/lategame PvMing becomes VERY nice with either The Pope or Power House.

Bosses Boss is your go-to lategame PvMing tool.
Specialist is nice with the special restoring on certain spec weps
Vampiric is a very nice tool paired with fast-hitting stuff like bp or melee with melee relic.
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