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*New Features
-Public events like (Monster hunter, meteor spawning) now append on the screen instead of the chat.
-Added multiple new ways to earn Loyalty points (some announcements will append with a (+x amount LP)
-Added many various new items to the Loyalty point shop.
-Further improved the tutorial for newcomers, they have options to learn about core features.
-Added Guthix Rest, with slightly better buffs than OSRS.
-Added correct Dorgeshuun crossbow, and bone bolt methods.
-Improved poison handling versus NPC effects.
-Added 'Desert Treasure' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added 'One Small Favour' Quest, with requirements and big rewards.
-Added Apothecary's shop, but only when you complete One Small Favour.
-Added Battlepass, it is available in the Donator shop for $15
-Added increased server stability report, you will idle out in some circumstances for inactivity.

*Newcomer Improvements
-Further improved Teleport interface.
-The Beginner's key will now retain to the player's inventory, or bank account.
-New players (or those who have not prestiged) have the option to complete "Intro to Relics" to earn +1 free relic.

*Announcement improvements
-Edited announcements again (including discord announcements)
-Removed some announcements (they seemed very clunky and unnessecary at times)
-I will try to refrain from further editing these announcements, unless adding more
-99's and 200m marker announcements only appear for Realism modes.
-Additionally, removed the new player joining announcements.

*Shop changes and improvements
-Increased the shop price of Anglerfish.
-Added Dorgeshuun crossbow and bone bolts to the Ranged shop.
-Added some poisonous ammo supplies to the Ranged shop.
-Added more dinky stuff to the Fancy shop.
-Removed Bolts from the Ranged shop.
-Removed some stuff from the Consumables shop, added them to the Apothecary's shop.

*Other QoL or fixes.
-Increased the skill point bonus from Min: 500, Max: 1000, to Min: 2000, Max: 4000, respectively.
-Fixed a Hardcore Ironman death bug, that involved dying outside of Rune Royale.
-Re-fixed Godsword (or) variant bonuses to match that of OSRS.
-Respectively, you will need to Smith them/Fletch them/Obtain as a drop.
-More monster's now drop bolts.
-Corrected some level requirements for Spiky vambraces.
-Fixed "Double Cast" relic, it should now correctly work.
-and fixed some other things you all have reported!
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