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Donation Benefits

Donations not only tremendously help the server keep afloat, but you receive tons of member-only content and benefits:

  • Member only islands for training.
  • Custom ranks.
  • Additional commands.
  • Donator shop to spend in-game Donator coins, offering the best gear and items in Aurelius.
  • Custom Donator rifts.
Donation Tiers
Please refer to this forum post for a full list of tier-based benefits.
Standard Donator Zone
  • +25% XP while training in donator zone.
  • All skills trainable in donator zone.
Minimap View

  • Monster Spawner
    • There's plans in the future to expand this area to the entire exterior of the island.
    • On the northern portion of the island there's a monster spawning area.
    • Players are allowed to spawn any monsters in this zone.
    • Monsters can only be attacked by the one who spawned it.
    • Monsters will only attack the person who spawned it.
  • Island Bank
    • Plenty of bank booths
    • Lit altar for best Prayer experience
    • Highest level thieving stalls
    • Donator only thieving stalls
  • Runecrafting Altars
    • Several Runecrafting altars in close proximity of the bank for fast Runecrafting experience.
  • Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting
    • Each area has their own bank.
    • Mining bank offers close-proximity furnaces and anvils.
    • Fishing bank offers close-proximity ranges for cooking fish.
    • Offers highest level rocks, trees, and fishing spots.
  • Wilderness Agility
    • Train Agility without having to worry about getting killed.
    • Quicker course with rock-climbing wall removed.
  • Farming Patches
    • Close proximity farming patches and compost bins.
    • Grow herbs while working on other skills.
  • Other Features
    • Donator only shops- Offers limited stock (replenishes) of items not purchasable by normal players.
    • Boss Portal- Offers quick teleports to bosses. Gives starting killcount for Godwars.

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Rank Given USD Amount # of Tokens Cost per Token
$1 1 Standard Rate
$10 10 $1.00 USD
$20 20 (+2 extra) $0.91 USD
$30 30 (+4 extra) $0.88 USD
$40 40 (+7 extra) $0.85 USD
$50 50 (+10 extra) $0.83 USD
$75 75 (+18 extra) $0.83 USD
$100 100 (+25 extra) $0.80 USD
More than $100 125 tokens for $100
$0.75 per token afterwards
Please login and link your account to be able to purchase tokens.
Promotion Codes
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Promo Code Remaining Uses Description
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RELEASE25 0/6 Server Release!! Use code for an additional 25% tokens!
20PLAYERS 0/5 Hit 20 players! Enjoy 20% extra tokens!
NEWPLAYER15 0/100 15 extra tokens for new donators!!
INTEGRATE10 0/3 Donation system live! Use code to get an additional 10% tokens!
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